Day Twenty-two: Supah-Spy

My Stealth Photo

As I was walking out of the bathroom and back to my table at my favorite Japanese restaurant I got a creeper stare. The accidental locking of eyes when the other sensed movement in their peripheral was followed by a very awkward moment.

Dude at the bar stared at me as I walked back to my table, but he did it side of the eye without turning his head….As if I would notice his pupils tracking me. When I got back to my table I told my siblings what was up, they were unimpressed, but when my brother saw how disturbed I was by the guy he dared me to take a photo of him.

In this way, I would be returning the creeper move and regaining my ground. I did take up his dare, but not without the next two tables watching my un-spy-like movements of reaching my phone above the partition separating the bar and my table. I made several attempts ending in giggle fits of embarrassment, but finally I snapped a photo of the beer chugging, football watching creeper at the bar.

Other than staring he didn’t do any harm, but I’m still glad I have a photo proving that I too can be a creeper.

After dinner my group was standing outside chatting and I witnessed a guy taking the back exit of the restaurant so he could swipe a sake container. Just as the frat boy thought he was home-free one of the waitresses followed him out, spoke some stern yet calm words and she took the container back inside.

Point for the Japanese waitress. You should have known, drunken frat boy, you can’t pull a fast one on the people that invented ninjas.

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