Day Eleven: Double Digits

10 year old's birthday cake

Today was my niece’s 10th birthday! She had two mini cakes one red velvet (pictured) and one lemon.  It was low key because not all of the family could be present, but it was sweet none the less. This weekend more family will be coming to celebrate her double digits.

Celebrating her 10th birthday reminded me of mine. I was super excited to be going from single to doubles. That was also the year my best friend and I called ourselves the “ten twins”, which, nearly 11 years later, we still call each other.

Another birthday, another year. I can only hope my niece keeps getting more and more awesome.

Day Ten: Feet

Look at those feet!

Two feet with ten little toes on the tenth day of my project in September.
I took this from my cell phone camera. I am still discovering all the fascinating ways I can take pictures with my phone and different settings I can give it. After taking this photo I found out I can snap a shot with the Groucho mask on the subject’s face. Beware, friends, you will be made into a bad photo.

Painting my toenails and fingernails is one of the easiest things I can rebel and do without causing any harm to myself or others. I use the word rebel because at my NPS job I can’t have crazy colored fingernails. I have insanely painted toes underneath those uniformly polished boots.