Day Eighteen: Salud

Wait, that's poison!

Thursdays are Fridays for me and I take advantage of my poison under the sink. When all my friends are waking up at 7:30 and dragging their butts to their eight AM classes I am milling about the farm taking care of things or heading to town to pay some bills.

The farrier comes tomorrow afternoon. There will most likely be some action shots of the farm creatures getting worked.

Day Seventeen: Trees

winding road of endless trees

At this point in the semester these are all just trees. Hopefully, by the end of October I will be able to identify over forty trees in the South Eastern region. Lord help me, because I do not know my trees.

I am starting with what I know first. My own yard will give me several of the trees on the list. Then I will branch further out to my forested workplace in hopes of picking up a few more.