Day Thirty: Waiting

don't mind waiting in the warm sun

In this shot I sat down on the sidewalk to wait for the bus to take me to my branch campus where I have Spanish class twice a week.

The cool breeze was perfectly balanced out by the warm sun kissing my skin. It was so relaxing I did not want to get on the bus when it finally came. The only thing I would have changed would be to make the concrete softer, but no less warm.

Day Twenty-nine: Hikin’ the Land

Mrs. Fredonia Hurse

Had a hiking day for class yesterday. This a photo from the graveyard we found on the 140 acre property that our campus owns.

Fredonia Hurse died in 1869, which according to the anthropology survey conducted this past spring is the latest date in the graveyard.
Most of the graves are unmarked stones set up in this area.

On the property we also found a homestead where the family used to live and lots of garbage (metal mostly) that we hope to haul off the property.

The work starts now, we must decide on an appropriate improvement and service project for this land. We also have to have said project completed by the beginning of December.