365 Series 51-100

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fifty-one: witchy woman

fifty-two: call of spring

fifty-three: here comes the rain again

fifty-four: pepe le mort

fifty-five: rainbows

fifty-six: a calf by any other name

fifty-seven: calm after the storm

fifty-eight: pimpin’ ride

fifty-nine: hats on a rack

sixty: internships

sixty-one: six eyes

sixty-two: a 2 dog night

sixty-three: road trip excitement

sixty-four: tour de campus

sixty-five: summer dress

sixty-six: my last name…lost

sixty-seven: first spring calf!!

sixty-eight: lost it, have it

sixty-nine: have it, continued

seventy: rec girls have back

seventy-one: outdoor skills

seventy-two: field work

seventy-three: boss farmer

seventy-four: bah-bakin’

seventy-five: bloomin’

seventy-six: party all the time


seventy-eight: canoeing fashion

seventy-nine: antique-ing

eighty: reptiles are weird

eighty-one: walking clothes

eighty-two: pooh shoe

eighty-three: 2nd calf of spring

eighty-four: what a laugh

eighty-five: class of 2011

eighty-six: the waterhole

eighty-seven: travel trailer aka home

eighty-eight: everything is big in texas…and covered in guac

eighty-nine: “ain’t god good?”

ninety: the north pier

ninety-one: graduation present

ninety-two: rat creatures

ninety-three: rain!!

ninety-four: ducks on the lake

ninety-five: bear of inks

ninety-six: welcome home

ninety-seven: Quilt

ninety-eight: mei’s shoes

ninety-nine: zucchini bread

one hundred: tasty bats

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