Day Eight: First Day of School!

Reading Materials

First day of class and one class introduction down. Pictured is the table of contents for my Earth Force curriculum. It outlines the best way for students to positively change their community. We will be making improvements to some donated property that our university manages.

This class is reading heavy and will be quite challenging for our small class, but I think if we work hard we could really make some amazing differences during the semester.

I’ll try for something more creative tomorrow folks.

Day Seven: Narcissism


There are angels in your angles/There’s a low moon caught in your tangles. -The Decemberists

This is my ripped up shirt that I made with my friend. It was what I wore to Wal-Mart after work on the shopping trip with my sister and her kids. Yes, it’s trashy, and it’s also really comfortable.

I did notice a couple of looks and eyebrows raised (this is racy for the boondocks). The most amusing reaction I got was from a guy who saw me first and kept trying to get his friend to look at me….people around here just aren’t subtle.

I love the angles in this mirror image photo.

Day Six: On Tour

The Snowball Dining Room Lunch Crew

I just had to add this photo of the lunch crew cheesing inside the cave.  They admitted they were honored to be a part of my 365 blog and even put on a smile.

The crew that works in the lunchroom underground does a great job feeding the multiple tours that come through and always seem to have a smile or a joke for us.  They’re serving their famous (among us guides anyway) veggie soup in this photo.

Day Five: Uniform

hat n' shirt

I took my camera to work intending on getting a photo of something in the cave or in the guide lounge, but where did my camera sit all day? In my purse.

Instead I came home and set up a photo, which I’m not entirely thrilled about, but it have to do. I am taking my camera to work again today and will have it in my pocket if the situation calls for it.

This is the shirt, badge and flat hat for National Park Service employees. It is part of the class A uniform that is worn by Park Guides (me) and Law Enforcement Rangers (the scary ones ;)  and other folks as well.

The uniform represents quite a lot to many people. The government, our federally protected lands, knowledge, and preservation of history, wildlife and natural areas.  I’m proud to wear my uniform at the 26th National Park unit.

The service thus established shall promote and regulate the use of the Federal areas known as national parks, monuments, and reservations hereinafter specified by such means and measures as conform to the fundamental purpose of the said parks, monuments, and reservations, which purpose is to conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and the wild life therein and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such means as will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations. -Organic Act, August 25th, 1916

Day Four: Hot Air Popper

pop, pOp, POP!

This evening’s entertainment in the farmhouse; a hot air popcorn popper. This is, IMHO, the only way to make popcorn. Light, fluffy and hot popcorn is made a thousand times better with the appropriate toppings.

My popcorn is topped with melted butter, salt and nutritional yeast. Note for the ignorant: Nutritional yeast is not brewer’s/baker’s active yeast (that you use in bread), this type of yeast tastes cheesy.

You can find nutritional yeast at health food stores. I highly recommend it on popcorn and you can make an awesome buttery sauce to pour over steamed asparagus.