Day 154: Flat Bed Concerts


Owl creek vineyard has a three tiered wooden deck behind their building. At the bottom of the triple decker is an old flat bed farm truck.

They use this as their stage and every Saturday they have a free concert. You are encouraged to buy wine and food but they gave me the impression they were just creating an awesome hang out zone.

Better yet, there is no smoking on the decks or property so you don’t have to worry about being downwind of smoke while you’re enjoying the concert.

Next up, some of their owl decor they had in the lodge.

Day 138: 1st Anniversary


Sorry for the jump in posts. My wedding anniversary was the 10th and I got a bit distracted with my kissy faces with Kit.

I got off work early and Kit came to pick me up. I had flowers waiting in the mini vase in the car. The new VW bug’s come with a small vase by the steering wheel.
I got home and there was a huge vase of flowers (pictured). The reason the floaers are so special to me is I went back and forth with both Mom’s about what kind of flowers for the wedding. Silk flowers (gravestone); bunch of expensive roses; paper origami flowers; none at all.

A day or two before the wedding I was exclaiming to Kit how the wildflowers were blooming just for us. And then everything clicked.
Not storebought or fake but wildflowers for my wedding. Handpicked by my husband to be the morning of the wedding.

Pictured also is a slice of our wedding cake left over. Happy first year anniverasaey to Kit! The best man for Kate :-)

Day Ninety-Seven: Quilt


This is one of many beautiful gifts we were given upon getting married. Some of my new friends that I made in Texas while I was doing my internship made this quilt a few years back and thought it would be perfect. The pattern is gorgeous and like our relationship it has bunches of colors and styles.

I will say it again, just as I told my friends, this won’t be hung on a rack, it will be put on our bed keeping us warm as it was made to do.

L is for Love


It's all you need

I just got married on the 10th of September to the love of my life. We have been together for four and a half years and we’ve been through some real shit together. Somehow, even though I know I am intensely irritating at times….He still loves me and I love him.
Don’t worry I plan on adding some more wedding blogs detailing what I did and such….if you wanna get all bleary eyed. I was going to make K for Kisses, but really I love the whole package. I love the K-kisses, L-laughter, S-sex, H-hugs, W-wife, H-husband, C-couple. Every bit of it.

Of course love and happiness is a lot of work, but we work together towards solutions and give each other space when needed. He is my love. So I suppose that L stands for Kit my husband and he’s a whole lotta fun.
When I get some wedding blogs posted I will link from here for reader ease.


That Girl Wears Flowers in her Hair

I’m trying to figure out what to do with my hair for the wedding. There is a strong possibility that both my soon-to-be husband and I will both have long hair. I love braids because they are both sexy, and functional.

His hair is simple to figure out. Wash it, brush it, simple braid straight down the back of his head. Attack his hair with product where the unruly Apache hair sticks out.

My hair I want to be a bit fancier. I have several girlfriends who love doing braids and are amazing with their hands. *wink*
I’m hoping that my hair will be a bit longer in the fall. Right now it’s just past shoulder length. Not anywhere near the length I had before I cut it last fall. Where was the sensible me saying “Girl, you know you hate your hair when it’s short!”??

Did some google searches for some pretty braids and didn’t come up with a lot. Apparently, most women go for the huge prom fluffy style hairdo or tight buns for their weddings.

For example, Sarah Michelle Gellar has a really pretty up-do braid. The only part I don’t like about it is the rat’s nest at the back of her head. That could have been done different to make her look more glam.

I also would kinda like some hair hanging down so when I get to dancing I look super amazing.

I could even go with a simple braid down my back, but I could have it adorned with bunches of real flowers tucked into the braid itself.

Or does that sound too cheesy?

Let’s say that the big day gets closer and closer, but I still haven’t found the perfect braid or hairstyle. I will probably fall back on something easier to put together. Like having my hair down and similar to Sarah’s braid above making a circlet of flowers.

You have to imagine me and not a seven year old wearing that though. Probably in one of my colors too…perhaps yellow?

Here’s an extra pretty one. The original link shows you how to DIY. No I didn’t pick it out because it’s modeled after a Narnia circlet.
This headband is a slightly different style of head dressing. It’s gaudy and rather cute. via.

Look a shiney!

The super awesome side of going for a cheap wedding is not feeling sick at your stomach guilty for spending thousands of dollars on jewelry you will (theoretically) only wear once. My fiance has offered to pay for my wedding earrings so I don’t have to stress over that tiny detail. It’s between the above set and…

Which is better?

I know I haven’t picked a hair style yet, but I will probably end up on a half-do. Half up/half down, which is why I think a smaller earring with a little bit of dangle will be just perfect.

Has this post gone on too long?

Ed.: $20 may not seem like a huge sacrifice, but until I get real employment this summer my back account is slowly waning. I have a screwy class schedule this semester which limits my regular 20 hours per week of work study to equal more bare bones pay checks.

Location on a Budget

I was talking with my sister yesterday and I might have found a place to have my wedding.

My first location fell through. I wanted to get married at a huge rented house so that after the reception no one would have to drive home at the end of the party. Sadly, the contact never replied to my calls or emails.

My sister and I may have found a second best choice. This wedding is on a super budget. I’m not settling for things that I’m unhappy with, I just don’t think that I should spent thousands on my wedding. That money should go towards living after the wedding and for the honeymoon.

Let me explain how much money I’m saving on this wedding. I have the sexiest red dress that I bought for under $100. Yup, beautiful dress that I can wear at many other occasions.

Just one way to wear my sexy, convertible wedding dress

Locations I’m looking at are still outdoors and are much cheaper options. One consideration is renting a room in the community center.

I’d be able to rent a projector from the comm center and it would only be a couple hundred dollars
Cons: It would be indoors and we would likely have to tone down some of the exuberance of the party considering I am not going to spend $15k renting the entire facility.

The option I’m more seriously considering is renting the park in a town close to where I live. How can that be less expensive, you may ask. Well, it’s a small town and the park property is a large community picnic shelter, some playground equipment and a grassy field. It is also the place where the town holds their annual festival.

The stage area at one end of the picnic shelter.

Pros: Groups under 20 people can enjoy this recreation area for free. Groups larger than 20 must pay a fee to rent. Get this: $25. Also, flushing toilets, play area for children who can’t toast champagne and get hammered drunk.
Cons: No sound system/projector and unlikely place to set one up.

I need to call the city and make sure $25 is really how much they will charge me for an all day event rental. There will likely be some refundable deposit as well in case my guests were to tear something up.

Question to my readers: How much would a sound system rental cost? We’re talking CD/mp3 player compatible and large speakers for blaring dance music; no DJ services needed. I’m hoping that, by putting my feelers out early enough, I will be able to find a friend who can loan me a sound system.

My Love, My Heart

Or, “How I Became Engaged to a Man Twice My Age.”

After I posted my journals blog last night I sat on my bed reading two of my journals in particular. I was reading the months leading up to and my budding relationship with Kit.

Although the writing was Nobel worthy it still made me laugh, blush and tear up as I read my memories from four years ago.

At the time I was in a relationship that I was not happy with, I dated this guy because I was denying the possibility of dating my (at the time) supervisor. Every entry reflected my unhappiness with my boyfriend and the joy that I had when I was with Kit. Even sitting at work on a rainy day it was perfect.

One entry made me chuckle. I’ll summarize:

I was at work and my boyfriend called me to wish me a good day and ask if I wanted to hang out after work. At the end of the phone call he said, “I love you,” to which I replied, “I know, bye.” Heartless…I know.

When I hung up Kit asked if he said he loved me and why I replied that way. I told Kit that I didn’t want to lie to my boyfriend, we had talked about it and I had told him that I didn’t feel the same way. Kit said that was probably the meanest thing a guy could hear from his girl. He also asked, why date him then?

At this point in our friendship, Kit and I had been saying “I love you” as a platonic exchange for several months.

We denied our feelings for each other for a long, long time. My journals reflect how often I stressed over this. I often wrote how doomed our relationship would be because of our society’s lack of acceptance for it.

Yes, for about six months we had to break everyone in to our new relationship.
When our relationship was still secret we had this exchange at work:

I had to stand in as a model for photos. Not because of me, they were trying to get the lighting just right for a family shot. I stood there, in a grumpy mood, on a balcony.

I escaped being in the pictures but I did stand around they were testing the quality of the light for a picture. So I was standing upstairs at the banister, the photographer flitted away to talk to the family. I mumbled, “If you guys don’t need me, I’m going to go back and drink my coffee.”

Kit looked up at me from the lower floor and replied, “I need you.” I laughed at his joke. Then he said, “I always need you,” and I heard his voice change.

It made me smile like a Cheshire cat. After that the photographer was looking for Kit and the moment was gone. For five seconds we were alone in a building full of people and just had a tunnel vision scope on each other.

Every second of your love that I have experienced has been worth all the hard moments.
Four years and counting. I love you, Kit.