Day Forty-Three: Fashion

What's red, white, black and green all over?

I have really given up on it all.
I went to school today in those socks and shoes, olive green insulated bib overalls, bright red college hoodie, a hand-knitted, fuzzy, bright blue “skinned a muppet” hat, and bright pink backpack.

The glorious part of all that? I didn’t care. Sure, I knew that the fashion forward students would be horrified and the freshmen would declare they would never be caught dead.

I really didn’t care. I’m not caring about more stuff lately.
I can’t decide if it is senoritis or something else.


Editorial note: I realize that Crocs are the most square looking shoe on the planet. I feel like I’m wearing a guilty pleasure on my sleeve. They are SO comfortable.

Day Forty-One: 21

You missed my birthday!

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I would posting some pictures that I took during this blog’s hiatus. Right after I stopped posting was my 21st birthday. HUGELY important birthday to me. Just like every other day there were parts of it that were wonderful and parts that sucked.

I took a picture of a birthday hat that I McGyver’d at work. It turned out looking like a pope hat with birthday balloons, but I could care less.

My friends picked me up after work and drove me to the local Mexican restaurant for some pitchers of margaritas. They also brought me a tiny vase of flowers :)

Later in the evening the waiters smeared my face in whipped cream as they sang me ‘happy birthday/feliz cumpleaños’ and even later in the evening I got a pirate hat and patch eye. These two accessories aided me in stomping around the parking lot in my high heeled boots yelling “arrrrr”….Pictures of that won’t be on this blog.

Day Forty: Melting

Frosted Barn

This past winter has given us some of the best snow I’ve seen in several years. I feel like I haven’t really shown my appreciation much since I haven’t built a single snowman or gone sledding. Some of the snow this winter…ahhh, perfect for sledding.

Even if I haven’t had much of chance to go out and romp in the snow at least I get to enjoy the beautiful frost it has left over the farm.
Above is the barn in the backyard, with the blowing wind it gave the front of the barn a cover of icing. Even the horses’ manes have bits of icing on them early in the morning.

As much as I love the snow, I sure do love the warm weather that melts it away. Weather in the 50s and 60s help chase away the cold winter nights that are so vivid in my recent memory.

Day Thirty-Nine: Cloudy Day

Found a dash of sunshine today

As I merged onto the Interstate I saw this semi cruising by. To most people this semi is just another brightly painted brig, but this immediately reminded me of my brother.

During his early college years my brother would use the residual from his student loans to buy food and squirrel in his dorm room. Among his groceries was always this Mt. Dew off brand soda.

I had to speed up to catch up with this semi truck and (not recommended for safety reasons) I whipped out my phone and snapped this picture.

For my brother.