365 Series 1-50

one: new life

two: settin’

three: sushi is a battlefield

four: hot air popper

five: uniform

six: on tour

seven: narcissism

eight: first day of school

nine: no shave and a haircut, one bit

ten: feet

eleven: double digits

twelve: la diversión

thirteen: furniture

fourteen: poison under the sink

fifteen: leaving on a jet plane

sixteen: great danes are good

seventeen: trees

eighteen: salud

nineteen: 12 and counting

twenty: hide your husbands

twenty-one: creature of the woods

twenty-two: supah-spy

twenty-three: sycamore

twenty-four: the lab

twenty-five: i scream for…

twenty-six: easy on the sticky

twenty-seven: explosion of fun!

twenty-eight: water quality testing

twenty-nine: hikin’ the land

thirty: waiting

thirty-one: [untitled]

thirty-two: peppered with surprises

thirty-three: hulk no wait for bus!

thirty-four: creeping from the depths

thirty-five: barnyard birthday


thirty-six: first of last

thirty-seven: abominable

thirty-eight: project

thirty-nine: cloudy day

forty: melting

forty-one: 21

forty-two: TBA

forty-three: fashion

forty-four: half way

forty-five: 2 weeks

forty-six: beary good

forty-seven: overindulgence

forty-eight: superbowl food

forty-nine: journals

fifty: rip truffle



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