Day Sixteen: Great Danes are Good

But Boxers are Best!

This is my 13 year old boxer. He is the one dog I’ve really fallen in love with on my farm and he’s well past his expiration date.  So, ever since he started having vision problems (recently) I have been mentally preparing for the worst.

He had a trip to the vet today and so far the results are inconclusive, but I’m hoping the blood work will reveal more about what is going on with his eyes.

After his long day at the vet he was more than happy to flop down and sleep on the couch for the next few hours before the kids got home. He’s still flopped out at my feet now. I’m sleeping with him on the couch because I want to make sure we can get outside if need be. It will really be the blind leading the blind tonight as we both stumble off the front porch into the grass for his 3AM pee.

Keep my boxer on your mind as you say your prayers tonight.