Day Twenty-six: Easy on the Sticky

it starts from the ground up

This is my floor. More importantly, this is my floor without sticky spots on it. I cracked the whip and made my nieces help clean up the living room before I swept and mopped it. I am trying to stay on top of household stuff, but with work and classes it can get away from me.

The girls did a great job helping me clean!! I had dinner ready just a few minutes after we finished cleaning and we all sat around our ghetto table and enjoyed a family meal.

Sometimes it just takes the tiniest thing to make a person happy. In the case of this evening I was very happy to mop the floors and smell the cleanser. Later this evening I found out that I have tickets reserved for my trip out West. It’s official!!
Things just kept improving when just about an hour ago I found an email from my school letting me know that I have financial aid coming in. This may not sound like a big deal, but I am about three weeks into school and I had to borrow money to cover my tuition. I’ve been a bit nervous about money of late.

Nose to the grindstone. Small victories will keep building until more and more of my life will be on the right track.

Day Twenty-five: I Scream for…

Good students deserve good rewards

Yesterday was so hot and I had some time to burn before going to work. So I sat outside my workplace on this wire table and quickly ate my meltin ice cream.

This type of plastic covered metal picnic table goes perfectly with a melting ice cream cone. I cannot think of a better match of things in my mind. I’m assuming that as a child I ate ice cream a lot at tables like these in the hot sun.

12 days until my birthday.

Day Twenty-four: The Lab

Teh lab stocked with fresh students

This is the view my desk at one of my work places. This is my off-season workplace, if you will. I work here during the school semester and attempt to educate people on how to use their computers. Unless they are on one of the few macs we have in the lab, then I offer them what little knowledge I have.

As  a lab consultant I am offered no training on a mac and usually tell students that if they don’t know how to change basic printing options perhaps they should use a PC and get over themselves being and their pretentious use of mac computers.

Sadly, I don’t work in a cool lab stocked with chemicals that needed to be monitored and logged if checked. I work at the type of lab where the toner needs to be changed every so often and I look up student user names.