Spain Series and Introduction


I know this has been a long time coming but I was trying to get my rhythm back at work and homelife. Now is a good time for reflection.

What is this all about? I recently returned from an 18 day trip in Spain. It was my first trip to Europe and I had tons of fun.
I spent four days in Madrid (two on either end of my trip),11 days on trail in Spain & France. The rest of my days were spent traveling.

Instead of a chronological and ultimately dull daily recap I have split it into roughly eight categorical blogs.

My categories aren’t in a strict order and this blog series is not limited to the following list:
1) Travel
2) Lodging
3) Coffee/Bread/Wine
4) Food Part One and Food Part Two


5) Locals
6) Pilgrims
7) Cityscapes and Countrysides
8) Camino/Hiking

I will be pulling excerpts from my trail journal as they apply and likely using some beautiful pictures my friends took.

I will try to get the first in the series out before the weeds grow above my head. I’m excited to share my thoughts and pictures from the trip.

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