Day Fourteen: Poison under the sink

I had the best find yesterday and this was the only way I knew to protect it. I found SunnyD on sale for one dollar!!! I bought six of them. I have already finished one and have cracked into the second one. Don’t worry I’m not taking a million pregnancy tests, I had help with the first half gallon.

I love my silly citrus drink so much I went to extra lengths to protect them from the juice guzzling children in the house. I wrote POISON on all the bottles and have hidden them underneath the microwave in a closed shelf space. Hopefully they will be protected this way.

It has been pointed out to me that the three year old cannot read, yet can identify sweet delicious drinks on sight. I fear for my beverage.

Day Thirteen: Furniture!

New old sofa!

Just bought some furniture off my brother and his wife during their move. It’s a great little sofa to flop on and take a nap whenever I please. At some point I will upgrade to something less ugly, but I hope my next couch is just as comfy.

Please take note of the rainbow colored fuzzy slippers and the laptop.

Before getting this sofa I just had a little love seat which is okay, but not great for a bunch of guests to come over. In addition to this couch I also bought a satellite chair.