Day Thirty-four: Creeping from the Depths

the monster of the sink

This may appear to be some common spider of the South Eastern U.S. region, but you would be mistaken. This is an aerial shot of a spider destroying a city. That thing that looks like a bit of corn is really a yellow school bus.

Next time I will work on my scaling so you can really see the size of the subject.

When I discovered it taking over Sink City I squealed and tried to kill it with the fireman’s hose I had handy. This did not stop the monster. Finally I called on the aid of General O’Brother by literally giving him a call.  He teased me about it, but in the end advised me to crush it with a cup.

Spiders as big as cities should be feared, but my reaction was irrational.  I hope no one else shares this irrational fear, it is quite embarrassing.