Day Sixty-Seven: First Spring Calf!!

little red calf, who's your daddy?

I’m honestly surprised how close she allowed me to get to her, but this has a lot to do with her mother not giving a whip and feeding her face. Her mother is the black horned cow with the white underside you see over top of the calf.

There are two completely black bulls in the field with She-Daisy…I have no idea how that cow came out red. It probably has a lot to do with who’s mama the black bulls are, because they came from red and black cows. She will probably get darker as she grows older.

When I sent him the picture of the calf, Kit commented that her legs were meaty. I have no idea what counts as a “meaty calf leg”,but I suppose they are well built. She’s a tiny calf next to the grown cows and she looks a bit scrawny, but I think she will fatten up on milk and pretty soon she’ll start picking and decides if she likes all the new foods that her new world offers.

The calf looks a tad pissy, but she was really just curious why I was kneeling down next to her. She was looking around a lot and kept getting under hoof of the other cows who in turn kicked or nudged her out of the way with horns. Ya gotta love a family like that.

I suppose she was born yesterday or early this morning. Congratulations, She-Daisy!

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