Day Fifty-Two: Call of Spring

V-shape trying to form at dawn

Last week, during my camping trip we could hill the Sandhill Cranes all afternoon. They really make quite a ruckus and most of classmates were going nuts because of their call.

In case you’ve never heard it; here ya go: Sandhill Crane Call.
You can look it up on other sources if you choose to be snotty and turn up your nose at that wiki-source.

To me, it just sounds like spring. Where I live, in the Southeast, is smack dab in the middle of their regular migratory pattern. Their call, look and v-formation in the sky are just a couple of dead giveaways.

I snapped this picture while I was out in the field with giving grain to the horses. With the promise of warm weather and the sun rising it was quite magical.

Come on warm weather. I need my sunny spring days.

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