Day Eighty-Nine: “Ain’t God Good?”

Not too sure about these folk

Many of our visitors come from the bigger cities (Austin) and that means they also come with their money. This family in particular were ready for their “camping” adventures.

They brought their motorcycle on the front of the truck, extended cab truck, travel trailer, barn fan, and trailer with two jet skiis.
The decal on the back of the travel trailer it says “Ain’t God Good?”
I spent the entirety of my last semester in the backcountry with only what I could carry on my back. I slogged around in wet and muddy clothes and shoes. I bathed in the river, buried my poop in the dirt and washed my face with a warm mint tea bag (go ahead, try it in the morning, very refreshing). This seems infinitely strange to me.
I have my own opinions about this, but what do you think?


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