Day Fifty-Eight: Pimpin’ Ride

new wheels

This is my new ride that came home with my fiance last Sunday. He and the car traveled from California to get home. Yesterday I took it and got it registered in my county under my name.

I got to replace the license plate, put on a turtle seat cover, shoulder strap pad, visor CD holder and bumper stickers.
It is slowly becoming more and more my own car. My starting bumper stickers are my caver sticker (black bats with a yellow background) and a bright orange sticker that says I <3 Caffeine. I’m hoping that this sticker will encourage strangers to offer to buy me coffee.

My 4Runner drives very very differently than my low riding Oldsmobile, but I’m getting used to it and love it.

Kit also purchased a roof rack for my car so as soon as I get that put on I will be able to throw on a canoe or kayak and hit the river! Just gotta wait on more warm weather and this blasted rain to stop.

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