Day Eighty-Six: The Waterhole

The popular swimming hole

 So I arrived in Texas. I am nearly three weeks down of my ten week stint at Inks Lake State Park. If you want to see a very homesick intern please feel free to drop by our State Park. I am pretty proud of this park even though I will only live here temporarily. It’s a great place to vacation for swimming, boating, fishing and camping.

The above photo is of the popular site, Devil’s Waterhole. Those itty bitty things on the rock towards the right side of the picture are really people. Where they are standing is usually the jump off spot for most. For the very brave, there is Chicken Rock [jutting from the center of the pic]. It is about 35 feet above the water. I am too chicken to jump off of it or I’d tell you how high it look from the top.

I love getting off work and driving into the park for a quick swim. Living at work has its perks you see.

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