Day 339: Forsythia


The forsythia is blooming. Or, I should say, the few branches that escaped the loppers are blooming. We had two huge bushes right beside the house and last year we cut them back.

Of course, forsythia is a butt. It’s back. I thought about throwing a cover on that part of the yard to kill it, but I bet we’ll be fighting it for quite a while to come.

Yes, the little yellow flowers are pretty but the rest of the summer and all through winter it looks like a scraggly unkempt monster bush. There are plenty of scraggly things on the farm already.

Other things are blooming now too…

Day 277: Poison Dart Frog


We found a big show off in the frog room. This poison dart frog was exhibiting his colorful belly to the world. Within a few minutes he did a slow slide down the glass.

Most of the frog tanks were a game of I Spy. There were several exhibits with frog calls and speakers. The only disappointing part of this was the frog themed jungle gym in the same room. It was so loud that we only glanced at most tanks before skittering out of the room.


This seems like a weird fun fact. Does anyone know more about this process? I understand dyeing but how for you change the genetics with topical treatment? Very cool.