Finger Knitting

Just before Christmas I discovered this craft called finger knitting. Okay, I might be stretching the truth. I had a pin for finger knitting, but had never tried it and found out the Instructables video (linked below) that Beffers found was much simpler. Beffers (my SiL) learned it and showed me how cool it was. As soon as she showed me what she was doing I demanded she send me the pin and help me along. Yes, demanded is the right word. I lacked the gumption ever try it. And yet, it didn’t need gumption to learn! Just about 10 minutes and then I replayed the video to make sure it sank into my brain. It makes me wonder what other gems are hiding in the depths of my pin boards. Are you a cool pin hoarder too?fingerknitting1

Here is the link to the sweet tutorial video. Before you click I want you to know that the video is a little odd as it is shot upside down and the maker of the vid at one point misidentifies her fingers. Just keep watching what her hands do and don’t worry about silly little things like a mix up in words. Instructables wins again!

Sorry for the fuzzy-vision

Sorry for the fuzzy-vision

There are many different things you can do with your finger knit projects depending on your level of creativity. Bracelets, scarves, and (my favorite) Christmas tree garland. 20131213_212018
Beffers followed the tips on this website, the blogger made several different strands of different colors and then laced them together to make a beautiful rainbow scarf. It helps that Marlena has phenomenal hair to go with her lovely rainbow scarf. Instead of making a rainbow scarf, Beffers knitted orange and gray together then laced the strands to make a huge fluffy scarf to match the handmade hat her hubbster had received as a gift the previous year. You gotta love handmade matching fashion!

Isn't he adorable?

Isn’t he adorable?

A couple of quick tips to add to the awesome bloggers and instructors there already are out in the world. To take a break and save your work put your finger loops onto a chopstick. I was going for marathon knitting and couldn’t avoid a potty break any longer so that tip really helped me. If you are teaching a younger person or it is your first time trying finger knitting, avoid the fru-fru fancy yarns and just pick a no frills yarn to learn. Later on you can do the fancy stuff but it is important to learn it at first.

Day Thirty-Eight: Project

Frustrating First Rows of a Hat

During Christmas break my old roommate taught (or re-taught) me how to knit. Which included casting on (getting stitches on the needle) as well as knitting. Once I got bored with just stitching rows and rows of yarn I asked her if she could help me with a hat.

This is the beginning of the first hat I have ever made. As you can see in the pattern it is super simple. Just knitting and purling (which I had to learn).

I started this project tonight and it was so frustrating for me because it has to be perfect the first time I ever do it—Feel free to roll your eyes.
I tried casting on once, but ran out of yarn on my tail before I got all 64 stitches on the needles. I pulled it all out and did it again.

Tonight, I got three rows done. That may not sound very impressive, but I have never done 2×2 ribbing–Knitter code for the uncool phrase, “knit 2, purl 2”–and I’ve also never worked with the round needles before.
My old roomie uses four small bamboo needles. I considered her method, but stuck to round because I’m notorious for dropping stitches.

Two Side Notes:
1) The yarn is deep purple, which is hard to see in this picture. I left my camera out West with my fiance when I went to visit his worksite last. Ditz that I am. I should be taking better quality pictures soon.

3) I have added to the ‘about me’ section and renamed it, “A Glimpse”  for anyone who feels they haven’t learned enough about me through my blogs. Is there anything my readers would like to see in my sparsely detailed section?