And then how?

I was using this other job I hated as an excuse to not cook, clean or blog. I was depressed.
Then I quit.

I quit that lame job at the end of March. Why am I still spinning my wheels?

How do you, readers, make yourself go exercise, clean house, blog more or be a better human in general? My brain is an excuse machine.

I realize I should just do it. A million obligations–mostly social–pull me in different directions.

So, I ask again. How do you make yourself do something that you know you like? How do you get started?


W is for Writing


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I love to write. When I was younger I dreamt of becoming a writer for a newspaper, but there is a lot more to studying journalism than I took interest in. Perhaps when I am older, I will write on my perspectives of the world and people will eagerly flip through newspapers with inked black thumbs just to read my quips over coffee.

I know that it can only be a fantasy because by the time I’m old enough to have opinions worth hearing there won’t be printed newspapers—unless we’re all very lucky.

All the money and glory aside I really enjoy it. I can blame my sister who struggled to get me to keep a diary at a young age.

I can’t thank my sisters enough for being cool and keeping journals. It gave me the inspiration to write, content with misspellings, and come to terms with my feelings through paper and pencil.

Let me be clear that the fact I (still) cannot spell “diarrhea” angers me to no end. I’ve gotten a bit better. My first journal entry involves me discussing my cold symptoms, such as a “soar thoark.” Maybe it wasn’t that bad, but it was close.

I haven’t counted the number of journals I have filled recently, but I’m fairly certain that I’m close to the 30 journals filled mark.
The picture is most of my journals, but lacks at least four of them.

For me, writing is fun!

Day 357: New Reads


Started reading a new book and yes, I know that is very silly considering I’m leaving soon. I wanted to give it a taste before I left for Spain.

I’m only a couple of chapters in and each chapter is from a different characters’ point of view. So it is kinda like I’ve read the first week of this family’s adventures in the Congo from four different perspectives.

The trouble with each chapter having a different perspective is that they think and will use language differently.
I’ve read other books that use this style successfully. So far, the characters are quite similar and shallow.

There is a big difference in vocabulary between the five year old and the rest of the family. Even so, the five year old talks more like L’Engle’s Charles Wallace than any real child.

Currently, I’m on the hunt for a skinny paperback for the plane ride to Spain. I think I need to take a dive at the used bookstore nearby.

I’ve Got Goals and I’m Super Bad

Winter is not my favorite season. Short, cold days for months on end are depressing to me.

Yes, I love playing in the snow and leaning on walls blowing out streams of hot air (pretending I’m smoking), snow angels, caroling, Christmas, and adorable hats…..but this season still gets me down.

I’m no pro but I have decided to fight the winter blues this year by making a list! I know right? Don’t forget to breathe.

My list are winter goals and the deadline is April 1st, 2013. The first day of spring is March 20th but I’m giving myself the extra time.

I tried to pick things that I love doing but never have time for in the summer. Or, things that I keep saying, “gosh, I wanna learn that!”

Here is my list. Small as it seems.

1. Read ten books
2. Embroider at least five projects
3. Learn belly dancing basics and practice (YouTube, baby)
4. Finish writing my short story (dare I share it with the interwebz?)
5. Experiment with at least five new recipes


1. I have lately been neglecting my reading. I have booklists longer than my leg and two librarian siblings that are fantastic at finding me books when I whine around that I wasted time on a dud. Winter time is THE time to make a cup of tea and only leave your snuggle blanket for potty breaks. (Yes, I say ‘potty’ and have no children. Don’t judge me)

2. Embroidery is another thing I tend to neglect. Starting projects is the most difficult thing for me because I currently have no printer (ermehgerd!) and transferring is hard without one. I don’t most of the iron on patterns I own.
Once I get started, I love it!! I have been stitching some headbands to make them less bland looking and hope to share pictures soon.

3. I have been wanting to learn belly dancing since I was (skinnier) in college but never had time with class and work. I am convinced that with only one thing (work) ruling my life I must have more time. I still don’t have money so I can’t take a class from my inspirational friend and belly dancing instructor.
By watching the gagillion videos online I can at least understand the basics of the dance.

4. This summer I did a rewrite of the fairy tale The Princess and the Pea and I nearly finished it. My beef with this story is that the quality that makes you a princess also makes you an ungracious, high maintenance guest in a good samaritan’s household.
My mom would smack the hell outta me (as an adult) if I bitched about how uncomfortable the bed was when this lovely family dragged my pneumonia-ridden butt out of the gutter. Excuse the language, mommy.

5. I love, love, love cooking. However, I have this bad habit of picking a recipe from my book and not wavering. My husband, bless him, likes my cooking and never complains. A good cook, like a teacher or doctor, never stops learning new things.
I have the opportunity to cook for Christmas, bake cookies as gifts and just regular dinners for me and Kit. Why not try something new?

Are you setting goals this winter? Do you have winter projects to help prepare yourself for spring?

I will try to keep my readers posted on how well I am doing with my goals.

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I recently read his first novel A Circle In The Woods and I gotta tell ya it is worth the read. I have never read anything like it before. And for days, I laid awake at night thinking of the big bad guy in the book. I look forward to rereading it again soon because there are many clues in character interaction that lead you to the conclusion. Just like re-watching Fight Club…This time your shit will really flip.

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