Day 333: Raffy Bat


This is the Rafenesque’s big-eared bat at one of the cave entrances. Hope this helps: Raw-fin-nesk. If you think the Raffy’s common name is a mouth full then go ahead and Google their scientific name. I have a scientist buddy who spits them out without hesitation. Oh, to be a bat scientist.

I was ecstatic that I got to see him/her because I hadn’t seen one on person.

I have several awful pictures of me grinning widely just below him. Typically, me and self-portraits don’t have good results.

Even though four tours have been passing by this bat daily, he can’t be bothered.

Here’s a close up of the little beauty. He has one ear unfurled so he can listen to the world turn. You can see why they are called the big-eared bat.

Day 294: Rolling


Late post:

I visited my sister, brother and his wife yesterday. We got a tour of the shipping and receiving buildings where my brother works.

They have to wrap the items with bubble wrap, but they don’t buy small packages of bubble wrap. They buy and hang huge rolls of bubble wrap. I assume they pull and tear off the length needed and then wrap it on the large work table beneath. I was SO tempted to unroll the whole lot of it and log roll on the floor to pop it.

I held back…..

Day 193: Fossil


Crinoid. I am no biologist so I don’t know which of the hundreds this crinoid is specifically. I found some fun facts for you.

According to the all-knowing resource of Wikipedia…:

-These are animals

-Nickname is Sea Lily

-Has a U-shaped gut

-Yes, that means it shits where it eats

-We still have critters rrelated today but not nearly the variety we had at one time

And… -I get to hang out with this fossil on the daily

Day 148: Bishop


Ed Bishop, guide.

Ed did mountains of exploration in Mammoth Cave. He is best known for his expeditions with Max Kaemper in 1908.

He must have been a pretty cool cat to do exploration with another cat from Germany. They sometimes took young ladies along on their expeditions as well.

Some of the famous place names I lead people through today on wild tours were first discovered and named by Ed and Max.

This particular signature is found on the tourist trails along Main Cave. Easy to find if you know where to look.

Day Twenty-four: The Lab

Teh lab stocked with fresh students

This is the view my desk at one of my work places. This is my off-season workplace, if you will. I work here during the school semester and attempt to educate people on how to use their computers. Unless they are on one of the few macs we have in the lab, then I offer them what little knowledge I have.

As  a lab consultant I am offered no training on a mac and usually tell students that if they don’t know how to change basic printing options perhaps they should use a PC and get over themselves being and their pretentious use of mac computers.

Sadly, I don’t work in a cool lab stocked with chemicals that needed to be monitored and logged if checked. I work at the type of lab where the toner needs to be changed every so often and I look up student user names.