Day 350: Sprouting Jade


In addition to my shamrock plant’s newest growth (a second shoot is up!!), my jade plant is growing slowly but steadily.

I didn’t notice at first, the T shaped umbrellas–technical botanical words–are popping at the end of every branch. Obviously, I need to learn more jargon, habits and likes versus dislikes of my little jade.

All I know at present is that he does like this afternoon sun spot in the windowsill above the sink. And because of his sunning habits, he is quite tan–deep green. Chlorophyll or some such nonesense.

He is, of course, posing for this picture. Just before I shouted, “Hey Jade! Say ‘chlorophyll’!” He was gazing out at the backyard pond. Hippster succulent.

Day 349: Shammy Plant Lives!


My shamrock plant has reclaimed vitality! I couldn’t believe it!
It died for whatever reason and my plant savvy friends told me to keep it in the sunshine and keep watering it. Low and behold, it returned.


I love that they close up at night!
It seemed wildly active. I turned it away from the sun and within three hours it turned like a rotating satellite towards the sun.

If it continues being awesome I will buy it a slightly bigger pot and maybe even paint it pretty colors :-)