Happy Challenge

In the wake of the Government shutdown and the sort-of-launched Affordable Care Act, I have noticed that there is very little enjoyable things on the news feeds of any of my social network sites. Even hanging out with my friends eventually leads to the depressing topic of over 800K people out of work. Minus those 400K who are back to work….It still means that the livelihood of many people has been put on hold until some unannounced date.

This Happy Challenge should probably be something we do everyday. Especially now because everyone seems so unhappy with things–regardless of your side. Add something happy to your life each day. Whether it be in conversation or any social network you belong to. If you update your status message a few times a day or share links with friends let one of those shares be happy.
Restrictions on this Happy Challenge? Really not much. It has to be something that makes you happy. It could be pictures of animals too adorable for words such as those found on Cuteoverload.com.
It could be that hilarious video that had you snorting milk through your nose:

Or, perhaps you would like to share a new favorite recipe that is just to die for, like this recipe for Oven Fried Mushrooms I found on Cooking Tip Of the Day.

You can share personal stuff or just about anything. Make sure it is something that makes you happy and isn’t related to all this jacked up stuff that the news media is fully covering for us.

You’ve been challenged. Share something happy.

What made you happy today?
Please share with me, I do need more happy on my blog/facebook/tumblr/twitter/instagram/greader/reddit/inbox.


Day 352: Wrapping up Glumpki


Next step, in making glumpki is the shave down the vein of each cabbage leaf as needed. Makes rolling and eating easier.


Roll together a small ball of the meat/rice concoction and roll it up in the prepped cabbage leaf.


Rinse and repeat. Or watch Kit wrap some cabbage rolls.

Question for My Lovely Readers

Hey all!

I know it has been a while since I thanked you all for being amazing and reading my rambling about cooking and other such farmy nonesense.

I keep blogging because I know y’all are readin’!

As you know, my trip to Spain is coming up soon and I won’t be able to sit down and type long blogs about what I ate/did—Can you blame me for soaking up as much culture while I’m there?

However, when I return I promise to share some my insight on part of the Camino trail and the food (because I’m an eater, by God!).

Kit and I have been cooking up a storm this afternoon and in addition to my rapid fire cell phone shots I took some video.
So my question is, are my legit readers interested in viewing a short video of my husband doing some cooking?

Beware, the quality is smartphone lowish, it is unedited, and I sound embarrassingly country when I speak.


It will probably be a password only video or available for viewing for a limited amount of time.

Valentine’s Day: Self-Compassion

Some people love this holiday and some people hate it. Who is forcing you to celebrate it?

If you feel socially obligated to do something special this week then do this, work on self-compassion.

Self-compassion is a way of treating yourself with kindness instead of criticizing yourself. It has all of the benefits and none of the pitfalls of self-esteem.
I’m no expert, watch this video. This speaker, Kristen Neff, identifies the failings of self-esteem, three main parts of self-compassion and its benefits.

I followed some links and found her website. There is a book, if you want to spend money. There are videos, exercises for increasing your self-compassion, meditations and more.

If you’re skeptical like me, then it may sound like some hippy-dippy faith you must believe blindly. I am not asking you to do that. Watch the TEDx video and just keep an open mind. She makes some good points.

She has various exercises to help you work on your S-C and specifically mindfulness, common humanity and self-kindness.
One thing I love is that she encourages journaling and has a guided format for those shy about writing their feelings.

So maybe you’re not with your it man or woman on this made up holiday. So what!? Work on loving yourself, do random acts of kindness for people who need a smile, pamper yourself.
Pamper doesn’t mean spend a lot of money. Do something for yourself. You survived another year.

At the end of her exercises she offers some ways you might treat yourself. Who deserves a special something more than you?

Here are her ideas to treat yourself. Ultimately, do something you enjoy.
°Get a massage, a pedicure, or other form of pampering.
°Take a nap in the middle of the day.
°Go to a comedy club.
°Rent a tear-jerker DVD and let it all out.

°Listen to relaxing music while lying on the sofa with your eyes closed.

°Practice loving-kindness meditation or do yoga for a half-hour.

°Hang out with a friend for an evening.

°Go dancing (home, club, informal group). Or, do the self-compassionate body scan (guided meditation on her site).

°Have that oh-so-compassionate glass of red wine, accompany it with a large glass of water to help your body cope with its dehydrating effects.  Or, if you find you are drinking too much and it’s starting to harm rather than to enhance your well-being, have some dark red juice (cranberry, pomegranate, or cherry) mixed with sparkling water in a wine glass. Often just the sight of dark red liquid in a wine glass will trigger a relaxation response.

Who says you have to do it on the 14th. Chocolate goes on sale February 15th.

What do you think? Too far out or worth a try?

Special Post: Meet the Fumbleton Family!


Who are the Fumbletons?
The Fumbletons’ Facebook Page Description says they,
     …are a quirky family who come into possession of a magical blue button that ends up solving all their problems… in the weirdest ways possible.

This interview was conducted by René Eniksre to allow followers to become acquainted with each quirky member of this family of four:
Individual biographies

Want to hear some exciting news?
I am working out the details to have a filmed interview with the family. I have a few questions lined up. In addition, I want to ask them your questions! Please leave your questions for Karen, Eugene, Alex or Priscilla in the comments below.

How do I keep track of the Fumbletons?
See the Facebook page.
The Official Website has tons of extras and blogs keeping you up to date on videos.

Who is the mastermind behind these crazy characters? Jess. You can learn more about her here.

Do you want a crash course in what the Fumbletons are really all about?

And here is Episode Two: Razor Trouble to get your feet wet:

Episode Three: Fruit Stains

Episode Four: Spinning Yarns

And the most recent video, Episode Five: Pencil Stains