BIG News!



A little while back I said that I had some big news that I really wanted to share. I didn’t want to say anything too early and jinx the whole ordeal. My plane ticket got sponsored and I can afford the per diem costs.

* * * drummmmmmm rollllllll *  * *

I’m flying to Spain with one of my girlfriends. We will stay a night in Madrid then get to St. Jean Pied de Port to begin hiking the Camino de Santiago!!

I will be gone about 2.5 weeks–not hiking the whole Camino. I will have to set up my blogs to post ahead of time because I don’t want to spend every waking moment in Europe in front of a computer. I hope, dear blog-world friends, you unerstand that I want to sink into the country while I can.

I am one of those people that is chill until something concrete occurs. Jess purchased tickets last night. Kit and I looked up plane schematics last night, so we know exactly where I will sit.

I barely slept last night. My brain is racing!!

Day 272: Subterranean Life

I have seen crayfish fight. This is NOT a picture of two crawdaddies fighting. I’m sure but I would bet a bubble gum stick they love each other. Very, very much.

I was pleased to find this tank of fish and crayfish. Not because of their habits–which was fscinating–but because these are eyeless crayfish and eyeless fish (Mexican tetra, I believe).
I work at a cave so I am obligated to nerd-out whenever I see anything related.


For comparison, these two crayfish were fighting. I laughed at first because the smaller crayfish had unevenly sized pinchers. Upon further inspection I realized the smaller crawdaddy had won the fight and was eating or brandishing his prize.

So much activity in the corner of one little tank.

We moved on because in the Congo room the decorator had anchored functioning Congo drums at child height…and boy were there children.