Day 158: Sweetgum


Sweetgum is a very pleasant tree. I sat under this particular treatment for about an hour. I was in a people and nature watching mood. The squirrels were burying nuts from an oak tree and chasing each other away.

Sweetgum leaves havean awesome smell. So if you ever see the 5-7 point star leaves take a moment to crush one up and smell it. It has something to do with he tanins in he plant.

The gum or resin extracted from the bark of the tree was used as chewing gum for many years. (Sweetgum Uses, Wikipedia).

It has been used as medicines and teas over the years as well, but mostly it is used for its wood or landscaping purposes because it turns beautifully in the fall.

The more you nature.

Day 157: Black Walnut


One of my favorite ways to take photos of a tree is from the baby view. Laying down in the dappled shade and staring up at a monster tree over head.

I gotta admit that while laying down and enjoying this black walnut I had a few of them underneath me. Uncomfortable lumps.

My best tree photograph was taken in Costa Rica next to the alien blue sulpheric stream. It made the whole place seem dreamlike. Maybe I will share that if y’all are interested. I bet you can Google professional photographers versions as well.

Day Twenty-three: Sycamore

Identifying Trees

While eating lunch under a shade tree I remembered that I have a leaf collecting project I had to start working on. What better time then while I’m sitting under a tree. I remembered my class discussions and started with the basics. I look at the leaves, bark and height.

I matched the leaf shape in my field guide and the description matched what I was sitting underneath. Even better, the tree I was nomming away beneath is on my thirty-six long tree list. I nabbed a leaf and added it to my slowly growing collection.

I’m up to about six thanks to my hort friend who I spent just a few minutes with going over the list. Hopefully I will find more of my trees when he and I take a campus walkabout.

Day Seventeen: Trees

winding road of endless trees

At this point in the semester these are all just trees. Hopefully, by the end of October I will be able to identify over forty trees in the South Eastern region. Lord help me, because I do not know my trees.

I am starting with what I know first. My own yard will give me several of the trees on the list. Then I will branch further out to my forested workplace in hopes of picking up a few more.