Day 345: Calm After


The calm after the storm. Our weather forecasts promised huge scary thunderstorms, but they mostly hit St. Louis and missed us.
We did get a lot of steady rain coming on down and it left the pretty flowers of the cherry tree on the ground.

This year we did not have the blossoms subtlety flying and drifting to the ground.
With the rain, came some cold weather (apparently the reason the storms were mild). It has been in the 40s and my sunshiney spring weather is gone again.

Day 343: Bradford Pear Tree


I mentioned I would post more pictures of things blooming on the farm. I was hesitant to post these pictures of the Bradford pear trees they are very silly trees.


The blossoms smell off (like cat urine) and the way this tree branches off makes it very suseptable to damange in storms.

My horticulturist friend explained to me that a tree with a wide angle between trunk and branch is very strong. Bradford pears have a small angle between the two so as the branch continues to grow and get heavier it is more and more likely to break off.

There was much more to his rant, which included invasives, non-fruiting ornamentals, blossom smell, a handful of much better landscaping options and so on.
Look here, you actually learned real information on my blog.


Eat the spring-time!!
Ah, there now. I brought the IQ back down to entertaining and away from informational. 

Day 340: Cherry Tree Bloomin’


The cherry tree by the goat pen makes a brief but beautiful appearance every spring. I can already see some brancehes with leaves emerging. Yesterday only a few branches were blooming, so I guess I caught the perfect time on camera.


Who can look at nature and not be a part of it? I snuggled up to the tree and got some pictures of myself too.


Love, love, love our cherry tree. I just wish it would stay like this for longer, or perhaps make some cherries to eat. Ornamental fruit trees always leave me hungry.

Day 192: Fall Colors


About two weeks ago our fall colors in the park were perfect. Then frost and high winds knocked them mostly to the ground.

I was shocked and delighted by the vibrancy of the colors. Many people told me that this fall wouldn’t be worth a spit because of the drought.

I didn’t get a picture of my favorite tree, sadly. It was a tree so yellow and bright it looked as though the sun was a reflection of the tree’s light.

Did you see any fantastic colors this year?

Day 185: Happy Holidays


Snatched this picture in Kmart the other day. From the angle I took this photo you can see the trick or treat buckets and fake Christmas tree forest. Just behind me are the turkey table centerpieces and Thanksgiving doodads.

I’m not trying to hate on Kmart. This is the way that large chain stores do things. I know many people that begin Christmas shopping in August so I can’t entirely blame the big department stores for trying to sell trees in October.