Day 249: Topping the Tree


Don’t forget to catch the first and second parts of the decorating the tree blogs.
I have several years in a row of Kit placing our star on top of the tree. I really love this one because it looks the least posed. When you reach from something really far away don’t you stick out your tongue? Classic.


I also have many, many pictures of Kit peaking out from the branches of the tree. I will refrain from posting every single one of those on my blog. Your welcome.


Me posing with the Adventivity Card for day #6!!

Day 243: Sonic Tree


Drinking wine, playing cards and decorating trees. They all seem to go hand in hand, right?

We decorated my brother and SiL’s Christmas tree. They threw on the lifts and balls but realized they didn’t have a tree topper.

Problem solved with this bendable, posable Sonic action figure. If you knew my sibs you would understand exactly how perfect this is for them.

They got a couple if other small action figures and ornaments they added later on.

Yes, this whole blog post was just because I wanted to show off this awesome tree topper.