Day 288: Swan Lake


My husband got called into work this week to help cover a shift. Lots of folk have been spreading around stomach viruses and colds.

Since we didn’t plan on him working that day, lunch was a little improvised. I baked a frozen pizza and wrapped it in foil. We did get to eat lunch together at least.

After lunch, Kit got creative and made a little swan. Our supervisor was amused and filled up this Christmas treat tub to give the swan a swimming hole.

The swan seemed pleased.

O is for Ocean

[Pictured: Me when I was my ideal weight. Now goal weight]
[Not pictured: The amazing wave I just caught]

Alright, so I live in an in-land state and I see the actual ocean infrequently but I believe if I lived near it then it would be no less hypnotizing than it is to me now.

For me, merely watching the ocean is enough. It is the same type of trance inducing movement that a campfire invokes.

I also love swimming, floating and being tossed around by [gentle] waves. Body surfing is also FUN.

Another thing I find fascinating about the Ocean is that we keep finding new and amazing stuff that lives in ridiculous extreme underwater environements.

Whether I am walking along, wading, swimming or [failing] at surfing I still think the ocean is fun.