Homemade Sushi

Again my sister in law braved the strange foods and helped me get over my fears of sushi making too.
We gathered the supplies: nori (seaweed) wrappers, sushi rice, sushi vinegar and spices, and several sushi fillings.


I will admit that the firsf three rolls I made I refused to take a pictures of. They were that bad.
Which brings us to common mistakes #1: overfilling nori with rice and other fillings. Results include not enough to wrap and seal roll and/or ingredients busting out the ends.


After getting a good tight roll, I discoverd common mistake #2: Learning a gentle hand and cutting with a sharp knife. This is what ruins most of my rolls. I squeezed the rolls too hard or the knife would mash instead of cut.


I tried making a rice on the outside roll. They were extremely difficult for me because it was harder to slice into the nori after the knife got sticky from the rice.


By the end of the evening I had eaten a lot of mistakes and had some yummy lumpy rolls to eat.
Recently, I tried making sushi for a lunch my house. Kit can be odd about non-steak-&-taters meals so I was worried at first. He loved it!


These are traditional sushi rolls with raw fish. I had to consider my budget when making this lunch. The fillings for my sushi were canned flakey crab and cream cheese. I took canned tiny shrimp and marinated them in lime juice, garlic, ginger, salt and pepper. The result was a spicy shrimp roll. The ginger was perfecto.

Which leads me to my final sushi making tip and the best advice we heard from the dozens of youtube videos we watched. Give yourself a break. The best way to make good sushi is keep trying. It proves itself too, my second attempt at making sushi for Kit and me was a huge sucess. I had to eater fewer dud rolls than the first time.
Can’t wait to try different ingredients and give it another whirl.

Have you ever tried sushi making at home?
Have any tried and true tips you want to share?

Day 160: Sushi on my Ears


One of my birthday presents. I didn’t even know Claire’s sold sushi earring sets.

I’ve never been happier to have two holes in my right ear. You can’t eat a sushi roll without a set of chopsticks.

I have several more rolls included in my set as well as a pair of red tea cups and brown tea pots.

Day Three: Sushi is a Battlefield

ravaged nomms

Among the frustrating happenings of yesterday there are always some good things. So, in this photo I am trying to keep focused on the good stuff…Or, what is left over of the good stuff.

This is my sushi plate from the Japanese restaurant and college kid scene of late. It’s a little out of focus because I don’t have the best camera, but that just goes to show I am trying to focus on the good stuff though I’m getting distracted by the other stresses.

Mmmmmmm, Sushi.