What I have Learned this Summer

-IPA is NOT International Pale Ale.
Thankfully, it was only family that heard this terrible misinformation I spewed. Oh wait, it was family that knows. They will never let me live this one down. For anyone else like me, it stands for Indian Pale Ale.

-Government shutdowns do happen and there isn’t a law saying the decision makers have to do anything. You say: Wait, there is a government shutdown?

-The value of a tongue scraper.
   And, bacteria that lives on your tongue is quite, quite terrifying.

The microwaved versus filtered water post on Facebook is a hoax. I completely fell for it—the post said science fair project….Okay, that is terrible defense.
This type of urban legend is related to the girl who getting ready for prom/wedding cooks her insides at the tanning bed. This one isn’t related to one’s vanity, but to our fear of new (Read:  any) technology.

-I have missed having a computer SO DAMN MUCH. Yes, this may sound like chicken shit to some people with money to have several computers in their home. I have had a smart phone for over a year and that has been my computer. For most situations, this works. However, life is better with a full sized QWERTY keyboard. I simply adore the feel of real keys bumping under my fingers. I’m sorry that that had to sound slightly pornographic. I’ve got no link for this people.

-Music early in the morning makes me happy. Music while I cook or clean makes me happy. Music in the shower (singing, you pervs) makes me happy. I really love music just about all the time.

-As always, I have continue to remind myself that there is so much left to learn in the world. I can’t wait to find out more.

Winding Up Summer

We’ve made it through most of the big holiday weekends and the company picnic with laughs and food. The staff is rapidly waning as we lose a big chunk of people to school schedules.
All these things let me know hat the summer is almost over.
One of my coworkers brought in doughnuts specifically for the kids leaving to school.

It makes me wish I was leaving for school too, so I wouldn’t have to say goodbye to all my friends. It’s gonna be a long winter.

Day 150: Essense of Summer


While visiting my brother and sister-in-law we had mojitos. Even better,  we made mojitos at home.

Fresh mint, tart lime, sweet simple syrup, white rum, and cold ice. Yessssss

It is the perfect summer drink or if you love mojitos enough it is the best drink hands down whatever time of year.

To me,  having these drinks was the precursor to my birthday celebrations. I have a long to do list this year so it will extend several days.

Day Sixty-Five: Summer Dress

can't wait for warm weather

This is the floor length summer dress that I got from the Indian/Hippie inspired store in the mall. The mall where my brother and sister lives definitely trumps the boring mainstreamed mall that I have near me.

In addition to the pretty (and horribly expensive) store that I got my dress in, there was another hippie store just a few shops down from that one. It was kind of a curiosity, headshop, knick-knack store. I’m not quite sure how to explain it, but most mall stores I go to don’t have an entire rack of incense and holders.

The most fascinating part about the second store was their entire wall of mardi-gras-esque masks. We whimsically pulled almost every single one off the hooks and tried them on. My sister and I decided we need to have a masquerade of some sort. My fiance vetoed the masquerade wedding (darn!), but I think it would be fun to do something like that as a party without having to go to Louisiana mid-semester.

The light is a little funny in this picture. So I took a detailed one so you could see just how pretty the colors are.

purples, blues and sparklies, oh my!

I cannot wait to wear this once the weather gets warm! I’m so excited!!
I believe I have decided which internship I will take. You better believe I will be packing this dress and bringing it with me to wear on my days off. This is a perfect downtown festival wandering around dress!

Day Sixty: Internships

possible summer home

Casa de Kat will morph a little bit this summer depending on the internship that I choose in the next week or so. I applied to four different agencies and have been juggling emails and phone calls for the past week.

I feel like every time I start a paragraph or clear my throat for a comment I am creating the most sell-worthy phrase to describe myself. At least it is a mutual whoring feeling. They are selling their program and agency to me just as hard.

Above is one picture from a set exhibiting the trailer I would have all to myself for one internship. It has an extra bedroom for anyone who would like to visit me. I had a fairly promising phone interview with this agency this morning.

I have another interview this afternoon. After I’m done finding out all the information I possibly can then I will get to the hard part of deciding which one will work for me.

Thankfully, the program requirements (to make it count for college credit) are helping me narrow down my choices. Then I have to consider things like benefits, both tangible and intangible, pay and other factors.

I’m talking to friends and family, making lists, comparing, googling mapping, researching and praying in hopes that I will make the best decision for my professional development.

Glad I’m dealing with all this complicated stuff during Spring Break.