Day 207: Floyd’s Resting Place


Floyd Collins was a caver who was shot into the spotlight when he got trapped in Sand Cave. Wedged in a nasty crevice with a football shaped rock on his leg.

Maybe less well known was his career after this event. His family sold the tourist cave to a Dr. Thomas who had Floyd working for him down in that Crystal Cave 24 hours a day.

Visitors came from all over the place to see Floyd and see his cave.
After working for Dr. Thomas for a while Floyd’s adventures continued. He was kidnapped!

Thankfully he was found shortly after nearly waterlogged, tied up in a sack along the Green River.

He returned to his post working for Dr. Thomas in the cave for many years on.

Floyd Collins was trapped alive in that Sand Cave but he didn’t leave it alive. The tragedy was after 17 days he passed on from exposure.

Now you know the rest of the story…

(An attempted retelling of Paul Harvey’s radio talk on Floyd Collins. I would love a written transcript of that recording).

Above is pictured the resting place where Dr. Thomas put Floyd on display for paying visitors to see.