Day 147: Sea Squeakers


This picture was too cute not to share. We recently bought Tybalt a new stuffed dolphin because I have tried sewing up the rips several times to no avail.
For one dollar, I think I can afford a new one.

Tybalt was pleased to find out there was a squeaker in this toy as well.
He is so good at finding the squeaker in fact that we don’t let him have his toys when guests come over.
His favorite is the squeaker in the sting ray because he can hold it between his paws and squeeze it until Kit or I finally get irritated with it (takes us a while to get bothered).

My puppy dog is so sweet with his love of sea creatures and squeakers. I wish I could let him meet a real sting ray or dolphin. He probably would be unable to find their squeaker :-P