My Base is Growing…!


My base of readers is growing slowly but steadily!
I hope to keep posting blogs about things that interest or inspire you!

I currently have 106 followers on wordpress and by email subscription.

There are over 260 people following on other platforms that have the opportunity to see my blog posts as well.

Plus, my mom recently told me that even though she can’t figure out how to subscribe, I should add one more to my count of faithful readers.

More than the stats and data, I appreciate that each individual takes a few minutes out of their busy day to chuckle at my thoughts, comment on my feelings, and enjoy my pictures (mostly of food).

Hugs, confetti, and ‘thank yous’ all around. You cats sure know how to make a girl feel special.


Um, thanks?

So I just casually checked my stats report this morning here on WordPress.

I do this about once a week or less frequently. I’m okay with the fact that for the most part I write this blog for myself and my super supportive sister. (Props for Murcia of moonlitgarden and romance movie date!)

However, when I checked stats (litterally five minutes ago) I was flabbergasted!!!

I had 91 views in one day. Yesterday, on Thanksgiving.

Now, I do have some followers that break triple digits in views simply by farting near their computer screens but for me this is huge.

Honesty: The most views on one day I had before this record breaking event was 61.

Upon further inspection I found that around 70 of these views were because of random clicks.

I call them random clicks because I assume that when most people Google or Bing search for Thanksgiving inspiration they don’t mean to stumble on my weird jumble of words and terrible drawings from a mobile phone game.

Of those 70 clicks how many people took the five minutes to read that blog? Or did they immediately say “dear god, what is that thing?” And quickly return to the safety of their search results?

These and many other earth shaking life questions may never be answered so I guess my only action is to be thankful.

Thank you to the random clickers and searchers.

Thank you to the sister who I force to read my blogs no matter how mundane.

Thank you to the few and the mighty (patient) who choose to take the plunge and click “subscribe “.

I appreciate every “like” button clicked and every comment I get.

Have a happy Black Friday.
I hope, for you, that you got to spend your evening snuggled with a beagle and wonderful wo/man of your choice–just like me.

I do not wish late nights of stressful retail on your lovely heads.