State Fair 2013 Part Two


So here is the second part of what we got to see at the KY state fair on the 20th. Wanna see Part One? Kit was sad that the goats were mostly gone and the cattle hadn’t all come in yet, but we got to see some fun stuff anyway.

There was a charming “petting” zoo part of the fair designed for kids. It was called discovery farm. There was a lack of educational info and not many people working the animal booths. Also, there were signs above every cage warning that the animals can and will bite. These goats were just too cute to pass up. 
I mean, come on, how can you just walk away from a pile of sleeping piglets??
This peppermint chocolate cake really struck Kit and me. It was colorful and my chocolate stomach started grumbling almost immediately. Not knowing the details, I am betting that it was a rich chocolate cake—like devil’s food—and a cream cheese peppermint frosting would be creamy and minty at the same time. Yummo!
Kit and I also wanted to submit our pickles and pasta sauce for next year. Some of the pickles were a little rough looking by comparison. I’m hoping we can at least get things entered into our county fair for judging.
musicsheetcakeThe theme for various ages and skill levels was music. There were some really cute ones. This was easily my favorite. The colors and design was very beautiful.
This type of cake is gorgeous to look at and although I wouldn’t be interested in taking a bite, I loved this detail they put into the fondant sheet music.
peacockembroideryThe most popular sewing crafts are quilting and counted cross stitch. I was lucky to find these little gems among the CCXstitch. I love the detail in this peacock. Awesome sauce!
hmembroideryI really like the display for this intricate embroidery design even though I haven’t the foggiest why it is on a paddle. I can’t imagine setting steaming pots of pasta on it or chasing an errant youth around the house with this work of art.

Whenever I look at the rows and rows of quilts I get super excited and then sad all at the same time. I love the patterns, colors, stitches and love that people put into their quilts. I get sad because I don’t know how to make a quilt like these beauties. I just want to make a simple block squared quilt, but it is such a large undertaking by hand that I fear I would get overwhelmed. I don’t know how to use a sewing machine so that would be an even larger undertaking–buying and learning how to use one proficiently without assistance.

beautifulquiltMy all-time favorite at the fair was this quilt. I cannot believe this didn’t win any awards. The judges were obviously off their rockers and out of their sewing circle minds! These are my favorite colors and the pattern is to die for!!

musical1812One of the last things we did at the fair was watch a 30 minute musical about the War of 1812. I was really impressed with the young people involved in putting on the show. I wondered how they perceived the audience and when I looked back I saw, a row of ancients with their chins on their chests, and behind me a woman whose entire bottom fell out of her 32 oz. soda. The soda barely missed me and Kit and made the poor lady looked like she had wet herself.

Despite the non-ideal audience, Kit and I kept eye-contact and reacted to the emotions and songs that they put on. My best two word summary is alligator horses!!! Go ahead, look up the New Orleans battle and see how the soldiers scared the shit out of their enemy!!

Ta ta for now!


State Fair Time!!


State Fair time means we are celebrating Kit’s birthday again!

We enjoyed a full day of produce, crafts, cakes, livestock and booths!
Can’t wait to share pictures of some of my favorite things and stories of the adventures we had.

The hubbster also requested a visit to Tom+Chee, a locally owned restaurant featuring gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

More to come soon!

Day 134: Boer Goats


Kit was really sad that the cattle were being changed out from dairy to beef aso we weren’t able to see them.
We did however get to see a bunch of Boer goats. This little doe right here is pretty much what their coloring should look like. There were some all red and others with different coloring.
Boer goats or Rolly Polly goats, as I called them,  are meat goats and need to have a substantial girth from front to back.

How do I know what a Boer goat should look like? We watched about two hours of competition. Since goats aren’t huge in this state the competitions were small and the attandance was low but the judge took it all very seriously. After each judgement she got a mic and said why she chose number one.
It was really funny because it didn’t take long to pick up on her verbal habits. “I really appreciate the girth in this doe, front to back.” She appreciated EVERY doe for some reason. If it wasn’t good enough the sentence might begin, “If I had to change anything I would really like to see a straighter hind end”

After leaving this area and leaving the state fair we went to eat supper. Have you ever been to Tom + Chee in Louisville? So so good.

Day 133: Ugly Lamps Part 3


You gotta save the best for last aand these are certainly the ugliest.
I wish I knew how the artist made the head of this person. Is it covered foam or paper mache or something else entirely?
Bottom line, it is a bleeding and dead head with a knife sticking out the top.
This would work quite well along side the electric chair lamp in you’d haunted mansion.


Again, we have a lamp was just ugly and made me uncomfortable to look at. It was a taxidermied squirrel eating a nut with the lamp shaft coming from its back. The lamp had been covered with sticks (and hot glue) while the base had wood shaving that you would find on every forest floor.

There were other lamps that were very ugly and although I never pick the winners I think these were the most memorable of the bunch

Day 132: Ugly Lamps Part Two


This lamp was just plum impressive. It is an electric chair and the lights blinked as if it was electrocuting someone.
Awfully morbid and very spooky. I think this would be an awesome prop in a haunted house or for a Halloween party.


My husband tells me that this weird oil lamp style was actually really popular for some time. I believe the painted bits and googly eyes attached to the statue were the made parts. It was pretty hideous to look at and the googly eyes were disturbing.

Two more awesome pictures of lamps coming up.