Day Sixty: Internships

possible summer home

Casa de Kat will morph a little bit this summer depending on the internship that I choose in the next week or so. I applied to four different agencies and have been juggling emails and phone calls for the past week.

I feel like every time I start a paragraph or clear my throat for a comment I am creating the most sell-worthy phrase to describe myself. At least it is a mutual whoring feeling. They are selling their program and agency to me just as hard.

Above is one picture from a set exhibiting the trailer I would have all to myself for one internship. It has an extra bedroom for anyone who would like to visit me. I had a fairly promising phone interview with this agency this morning.

I have another interview this afternoon. After I’m done finding out all the information I possibly can then I will get to the hard part of deciding which one will work for me.

Thankfully, the program requirements (to make it count for college credit) are helping me narrow down my choices. Then I have to consider things like benefits, both tangible and intangible, pay and other factors.

I’m talking to friends and family, making lists, comparing, googling mapping, researching and praying in hopes that I will make the best decision for my professional development.

Glad I’m dealing with all this complicated stuff during Spring Break.