Day 325: Mooor Beer


Drank the rest of my special six pack. A beer with dinner is such a lovely thing. I cannot wait for summer. I want to eat a greasy burger or sloppy hot dog and have an ice cold beer. Ah’Murica!

Whew, that chickory stout was stout! Kit picked it out because he was interested in the flavor. You know how coffee is used in chickory? The flavor reminded me a bit of coffee. I enjoyed it a lot more than Full Circle beer. It was more bitter than flavorful.


The agave wheat beer wasn’t quite what I imagined. It wheat flavor was definitely present but somehow I expected a sweet kick from the agave. It was damn near chewy beer. Hah ha!


My favorite of the bunch was Kinda Blue. I would get this one again. It wasn’t a strong blueberry flavor, but it was much lighter than the other beers I tried.

Now that I am out of beer….I want mooor! Before 2011 I wouldn’t touch beer. However, if you go out with friends and they want to split a pitcher then you put away dreams of expensive cutie cocktails.

Day 323: Beer Trial


I tried the mix and match a six pack that my favorite liquor store offered. Turns out it wasn’t so much a deal, rather I purchased each bottle individually.

I’m glad I tried it once. I typically like lagers, but I want to expand my tastes. Even though I haven’t found a new favorite beer, I have enjoyed tasting beers.

I have a bad habit of not going outside of my comfort zone and picking beer based on their label artwork. I also chose books this way and yes, it I flawed.

I think I need another beer. . .