Day 329: Shelving


Aside from demolishing the house and rebuilding there isn’t much I can do to fix our weird partitioned house. One thing that Kit and I constantly struggle with is finding space for our dishes, cookware and food. When we married we combined his fully stocked house and my half stocked student housewares.

A nice fix for now is just throwing up some wire shelving. I didn’t time us to see if we took the advertised “less than 20 minutes” to assemble, but it went together pretty well. The most distracting aspect was my beagle wanting to climb in our laps.


Kit and I excitedly ran around the kitchen tossing things on the new shelving. Most of the things are the things we use frequently or need to use soon (bread/fruit). There are also a lot of items that float around the kitchen but do not have a home. One step closer to a more organized kitchen!