Day Seventy-Eight: Canoeing Fashion

role model

The past couple of weeks I have been working towards my American Canoe Association (ACA) instructor certification. This past week we have been working on white water and I expect that I will fall in the water daily. So I have been wearing the most hideous water clothes that I can find.

The only part of this outfit I did not wear on water were the green Crocs. I wore some water Keens to ensure my footwear stayed on. Just for those who are slow of study, I am wearing at least three different patterns on my body. Four if you count the checkered bathing suit top I’m wearing underneath my striped tank top.

This color and pattern clash is similar to the way Kit dressed when I first met him and it amuses him to no end that I am dressing the same way that I loath.

Day Seventy-Three: Boss Farmer

old lady henderson--can kick your ass

I’m also learning some cultural history of the various places that I visit during this semester.

Yes, this is a crappy picture of a newspaper article picture. I had to record this woman somehow though.

This lady, at 86 years old, would carry buckets of water up from the stream at the bottom of the bluff for herself and her cattle farm. Not sure how many trips per day she had to make to keep everything stocked, but just completing this feat once is amazing to me.

She must have had a lot of drive. By the time this picture was taken her husband had passed away and the farm was all hers. She refused to sell the farm to the feds (for Buffalo National River area). Finally, her son bought her a house and moved her into it (and moved her cows for her). Sadly, the woman took ill and only stayed in the new house a very short time.

I believe this woman had a much stronger bond to the land and the Buffalo river than many people will ever be able to understand.

Day Seventy-Two: Field Work

wild flowers in the ozarks

This is a white Trillium taken in the Buffalo River National Park. Wildflowers was one of my teaching topics on the go. I’m embarrassed to say that I did not research this topic very well. Mostly, I just learned about the flowers from my professor.

I hope to learn more and be more prepared for the next trip. One of my favorites, for its name, was the Dutchman’s Britches. Yup, kinda looked like a clothes line of pantaloons.

Day Seventy-One: Outdoor Skills

practicing orienteering

Many of my friends don’t understand that I am actually taking classes this semester. It’s not all fun and games, after all. One of the skills I’m learning is map navigation and orienteering.

Don’t worry, we actually stepped off the road pretty quickly. We did about a 30 minute bush push to practice shooting a bearing and staying on track.

More to come on what I’m learning in the back country.