Day Eighty-Five: Class of 2011

real smile, fake diploma

I realize there are TONS of people graduating this time and year and you could give less than two shits about one more undergraduate whooping it up this weekend.
However, please take a few minutes to note my raw awesomeness:

  • Graduated with honors (red/white cords) from University
  • Member of Honors Society of Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport Department (red sash of awesomeness)
  • Summa Cum Laude honors (four levels, this is the highest and I got a higher honor than my sister/role model)
  • GPA 3.88 on a 4.0 scale
  • My mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, fiance and rec buddy (one year behind me) all sat through my boring as hell graduation just for me :D
  • My awesome family and friends showered me with gifts I wasn’t expecting and they all were thinking about my needs and wants for my career field and interests
  • They served fried chicken at my honors reception

    Coming Soon in the next 365 post:

  • I got to go to doughnut shop after graduation


I don't endorse the source of this photo nor its political party.

I start the drive to Texas tomorrow. It will take a day and a half of hard pushing [stop with the dirty jokes already] to get there, but it will be a great summer.

I will be working there for about two and a half months to finish my BS degree. I got to walk this spring with everyone else and have many silly pictures to share in the coming posts.

Thank you for reading….or, thank you for accidentally stumbling up0n my blog when you were Google searching a similar phrase.

I plan to update my photo blog and ABC of Fun blog very, very soon.
There will likely be another blog post on wedding plans as well as we draw closer and closer to the big day :)

photo source. No, I tea-totally think they are crazy, but I will still credit my Google image search source.

F is for Flatulence

In my youth (tween-teen years), I had two older brothers who were in the middle of their “farting is hilarious” stage. So really, I have thought farts were hilarious for a very long time.

Throughout this semester I have renewed my since of enjoyment for farting. A couple of classmates in my cohort might have what you would call a problem with farting. A colon disorder, intestinal issues or any other disorders you could think to label them with.

As some of my classmates mentioned I am going to have to get used to what farting is like in the real world. Our semester trips have had the norm of farting is humorous. Farts are things to lay silently in someone’s tent/sleeping bag/face/vicinity, light on fire or even stop a lesson in it’s tracks to take a good laugh.

Our farts have character and are always welcomed.

P.S. Welcome home to me!
P.P.S. Make sure to check out Murcia’s Letter A. I gotta say I have to agree on this one. I love the fall and not just because my birthday is during that time.

Day Eighty-Two: Pooh Shoe

little foot

On the last trip to the Buffalo National River we found some river trash and it got attached to my thwarts because this was my nickname.

On the 10 day trip we were giving people nicknames and as it turned out everyone had a bear themed name.
It all started with one guy being called Honey Bear. Then we got Kare-Bear, Papa Bear, Sugar Bear, and Shakey-Bear. Those are all the ones I can remember off the top of my head.

My first nickname given was Pooh Bear and therefore I got to keep the river trash. I have evolved into Mama Bear because I mother people and yell at them to put on sunscreen while we’re on river.

Pooh Bear with the Pooh Shoe, Day one

Our Australian classmate has been nicknamed the Roo Baby because he jumps up in the air with both feet to kick a hacky sack to the other players. I will get a picture of that before the end of the semester.

I’m leaving today for my next long trip of 12 days. I will return late on the 8th but have scheduled some posts to keep you company along the way :)

Day Eighty-one: Walking Clothes

I will mortar board your face

Last week I picked up my cap n’ gown for graduation during the second week of May. I also have some pimpin’ red/white cords that I get to wear for the big day because of how awesome my GPA is currently. Summa Cum Laude in your face!! (For students 3.8-4.0 GPA, highest academic honor at my university)

I wore my hat and cords and work for about half an hour and as most students do, everyone completely ignored me.
I’m very excited about walking and can only hope not to trip or do anything really stupid during my walk. I just realized yesterday that I need to plan on what kind of outfit to wear underneath my robe. No nekkid walks!

With a To-Do list as long as I am tall I can only hope I graduate in May with my sanity still mostly there.
Wish me luck!

Day Seventy-Eight: Canoeing Fashion

role model

The past couple of weeks I have been working towards my American Canoe Association (ACA) instructor certification. This past week we have been working on white water and I expect that I will fall in the water daily. So I have been wearing the most hideous water clothes that I can find.

The only part of this outfit I did not wear on water were the green Crocs. I wore some water Keens to ensure my footwear stayed on. Just for those who are slow of study, I am wearing at least three different patterns on my body. Four if you count the checkered bathing suit top I’m wearing underneath my striped tank top.

This color and pattern clash is similar to the way Kit dressed when I first met him and it amuses him to no end that I am dressing the same way that I loath.

Day Seventy-Three: Boss Farmer

old lady henderson--can kick your ass

I’m also learning some cultural history of the various places that I visit during this semester.

Yes, this is a crappy picture of a newspaper article picture. I had to record this woman somehow though.

This lady, at 86 years old, would carry buckets of water up from the stream at the bottom of the bluff for herself and her cattle farm. Not sure how many trips per day she had to make to keep everything stocked, but just completing this feat once is amazing to me.

She must have had a lot of drive. By the time this picture was taken her husband had passed away and the farm was all hers. She refused to sell the farm to the feds (for Buffalo National River area). Finally, her son bought her a house and moved her into it (and moved her cows for her). Sadly, the woman took ill and only stayed in the new house a very short time.

I believe this woman had a much stronger bond to the land and the Buffalo river than many people will ever be able to understand.