19 Netflix Instant Halloween Flicks

My hubbster and I have Netflix Instant and I like to watch a movie from time to time related to the holidays coming up. There are scores of horror movies and they are easy to find if you flip to the Horror/Thriller genre section. These are some movies that maybe are older, funny or flicks I will try to watch despite their scary. I am a scaredy-cat for the most part so I will be watching scary films in mute. I have tried to pick some funny or classic films which are typically a little less scary.
These movies were available for Instant view as of 10-13-2013. They are constantly removing films and adding more. It it by no means an exhaustive list.
Bold text means that I have seen the movie before.

  1. Battle Royale (Japanese Hunger Games but way better, I’m told)
  2. Cabin in the Woods (Joss Whedon’s horror pokes fun at horror film archetypes)
  3. Carrie (Weird girl gets teased until she reaches her breaking point)
  4. Dark Shadows (The old 1960s TV show is nothing like the movie apparently)
  5. Dead Snow (Nazi zombies! Check out my Review!)
  6. Dracula (1931 Lugosi classic, give it a watch–much more tame than modern versions)
  7. Dumplings (A mysterious woman makes youth rejuvenating dumplings with a curious ingredient–not shockingly a foreign horror movie. Check out my Review!)
  8. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (I am intrigued just because of her costume)
  9. Ghostbusters (A group of goobers go ghost chasing)
  10. House on Haunted Hill (1959 Vincent Price will pay 10K to anyone who can survive a night in the haunted house)
  11. Nightmare Before Christmas (I’m really not sure if this counts–Claymation Halloween King tries to run Christmas for Santa)
  12. The Mummy (1932–Again another not-so-scary classic, it moves really slowly)
  13. Red State (It is Kevin Smith, I have to–Teens get invited to a sex filled night but find out they were lured by a crazed pastor)
  14. Scary Movie (2000 Making fun of other movies)
  15. Scream (1996 A masked killer returns for the daughter of his previous victim)
  16. Session 9 (Asbestos cleaning crew has to clean an abandoned insane asylum)
  17. Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil (Starring Alan Tudyk! Hillbillies are mistaken for serial killers by a group of teens)
  18. Vampires (A faux documentary in Belgium, this sounds interesting)
  19. The Wolf Man (1941–I honestly can’t recall if I’ve seen this or not, this deserves a second watch)

If you watch one movie today you will have 18 movies and 18 more days to watch them in before Halloween. Get to watching!

There are many Halloween movies that I love, but that are not available on Netflix Instant. What are your favorite Halloween movies?

Day 292: Sock-Bride


I’m gonna throw this out there. Sock monkeys creep me the eff’  out. They are flopsy, have creepy plastered smiles, and have the most dead eyes I’ve ever seen.
That being said, I know most people lost them and have super fond memories. Go for it.

Even though sock monkeys make me wary, I deeply wanted photographic proof of the human sized sock monkey bride. I wasn’t about to stand near that thing but my friend is super brave.

When the world gets flipped, I will take care of the evil clowns if you watch my back for the sock monkeys.

Sidenote: this was handcrafted by some sock-artists at the local farmers market. Scary but solid work on their part.

Day 196: Licked Hand


Had to share this title panel for the Licked Hand urban legend from my great big comic book of urban legends that I posted about previously.

This is one of the most striking scary stories I heard as a child and I didn’t know it was an old urban legend until I got to college.

This story of the maniac under the bed instead of the friendly dog still to this day makes me leap into the bed after shutting off the light.
At least when Kit isn’t home.

Scary places in my own home abound.
The attic, very back of the closet, and under the bed are just a few.

Do you leap into your bed to avoid your ankles getting snatched?

Remember: Murderers can lick too.