Day 312: GoGear


Bought these squishy travel bottles at my local salvage grocery. Yes, I buy everything I can at the salvage grocery. I am considering taking these bottles with me to Spain. The biggest bottle will likely hold some sort of laundry soap. I’m not above washing my clothes in a mop sink. I’ve not decided if I want to take a liquid laundry soap yet. I will probably fill the other bottles with a 2 in 1 soap and some leave-in conditioner. I know it sounds silly to take leave-in conditioner but my hair would be a hot mess without it. I need to be able to brush it and put it into a braid every day. Have you ever used this brand of bottle? Are they any good?

Day 143: Grocery Find


For some reason the things I find in grocery stores really crack me up.

While shopping in my local salvage store (beat place ever), I came across these three items on the shelf together. I love me some garlic but bottled as a spread it didn’t seem appetizing.

Have you ever eaten a meal with duck sauce or plum sauce? Call me sheltered but I haven’t had the chance.
Is plum sauce used for sweet or savory dishes?