Day 345: Calm After


The calm after the storm. Our weather forecasts promised huge scary thunderstorms, but they mostly hit St. Louis and missed us.
We did get a lot of steady rain coming on down and it left the pretty flowers of the cherry tree on the ground.

This year we did not have the blossoms subtlety flying and drifting to the ground.
With the rain, came some cold weather (apparently the reason the storms were mild). It has been in the 40s and my sunshiney spring weather is gone again.

Day 136: Clear Skies


Some friends of mine got hitched on August 26th. The weather was beautiful as you see it and the wedding was lovely.

Since it was August it was sweltering but at least they didn’t have it this past week.

We got some craziness from Hurricane Isaac and it dumped rain here. We needed every drop.

After the week of off and on rains it has cooled a bit to more like fall weather. Nights are 50s and 60s and the days are not in the nineties. At least this week.

Day Fifty-Seven: Calm After the Storm

good day for muck boots and insulated bib

Ed.: Apparently, I can’t count. Please forgive. This is 365 blog number Fifty-Seven.

Waterlogged yard after the big storm Thursday night. I beat the storm home and had just snuggled down into my blankets when it really started hitting hard.

The lightning was pretty awesome…Until it knocked out the power and I lost my darling Internetz. It was so wonderfully peaceful without the electricity though. There were no security lights, night lights, humming of the refrigerator. It was very, very dark.

After the storm hit the electricity it kept on moving North and it got quiet. Very light sprinkling rain. I slept so soundly that I awoke with a start (and a snort) when my phone rang the next morning at 9AM.

The storm was wonderful, however the cold front that came along with it was not as welcome on my part. Thankfully my bibs cut a lot of the nasty cold.

Day Fifty-Five: Rainbows

arching over my farm

This is a little hard to see taken from my cell phone, but still pretty. I was trudging along, looking at the ground, carrying the skunk shovel and then I glanced up and gasped!

Within minutes this huge arch disappeared, but it was glorious while it lasted. The rain had just stopped long enough and the sun peaked out from the clouds to smile on my farm.

Chin up, not everything is a skunky situation.

Day Fifty-Three: Here Comes the Rain Again

falling on my head like a memory

Cows are ridiculous creatures. Yes, they’re tasty to nom on, but being a beef cattle farmer is just tedious. Or at least to me it is because I have a million other things to care for. The winter weather (or seasons where grass doesn’t grow) quadruples the work load.

Granted, my cows look super pimp because my herd is made up of Texas Longhorns. But they’re still just 24 hour eating machines. I had no idea how little cattle slept and how constant their eating habits were until I moved onto this farm.

I have named most of last springs heifer calves now though. O’Hara is the red (naturally), then there is Viola, the little black calf with a white splotch on her face and nubby horns. I named her Viola because when she would romp and play with the others it looked like she was mounting her companions. For those of you that still don’t get it….12th Night’s heroine was named Viola and she dressed up as a man for the majority of the play.

I named the older calf, Pepper (a long while back), she’s the daughter of Sprite so it seemed fitting…In my head.
We sell any bulls we get to the market, but we still have two big’ins in the field. I named them Steak and Shake.

Oh yeah…that picture above. I took this on my walk back from the cow field. It started to pour down rain and my traveling companion (in the form of a mewling, adventurous farm cat) bailed on me to take shelter from the rain.

I might have to add a picture of the unnamed black heifer pretty soon. I will have to start a poll going on what to name her. I was informed that I am not allowed to name her after a food. Suggestions?