Day 263: Dessert Improv


Improvision is my greatest strength in cooking and my greatest weakness in baking.

I am not experienced enough to play with baking ingredients. So most of the time I have to force myself to follow the recipe.

The last few nights, Kit had gotten home and after eating supper asked what I had mmde for dinner.
He didn’t fuss when I told him I didn’t make dessert but he was bummed and I could tell.

Enter the improvised dessert. I wanted to use the Graham cracker crusts I bought a week before. Luckily,  I had some dried cranberries too. I bought a box of banana cream pudding and chopped up frozen banana pieces that I had squirreled in the freezer.

Even though it was a little random and last minute it turned out pretty decent. The real banana bits helped trick my taste buds because I hate a really fake banana flavor.

Have you ever picked out flavors and thrown them together?

Did it work? Did it flop?

Day 229: Green Slime


No adventurous cook is without err. I’m no perfect chef and this failed experiment is a good example.

When I mess up a recipe and I know it is beyond saving I tend to revert to being a small child wreaking havok in the kitchen.

The goal was to make boba tea. I couldn’t find the huge tapioca pearls so I did the best I could with these medium sized pearls.

I didn’t add enough water and the pearls almost instantly starting turning the water to pudding.
I figured I would just make it into some weird pudding.

I added lemon extract, sugar, and yellow & blue food coloring. As you can see, this did not make it any more edible.

When I tried to make real tapioca pudding I kinda failed too. I tried to make a coconut tapioca pudding–yes, I followed a recipe this time.
Only issue was that my pearls were undercooked. I didn’t think about soaking them or boiling them longer.

Will I ever get my desired result?