Day 260: Popcorn & Cranberry Garland


Popcorn air popped and ready. Cranberries rinsed and drained. Thread, scissors and needles poised.


Making cranberry and popcorn garland. I believe this was an idea that was popular in Victorian times. I don’t know of they had garland parties but Kit and I had lots of fun stringing everything.


If you’re interested in doing this with your family or Boo. Here is HOW we did it:
Embroidery thread (six strand), separate into two parts. I cut the length quite long–double the length of my finger-tips to elbow. Double knot one end of the thread so the popcorn won’t come off the end.
Thread your needle and go to town. We alternated two pieces of popcorn to one cranberry and we still had about half a bag left of cranberries.
When you come to the end of your thread tie it off and tie multiple together if you want more length. Hang it on the tree!
Very cheap date for us.


Tips from our household:
Don’t be discouraged if your popcorn falls apart. Pierce the fattest part of the popcorn to help avoid splitting and if you can pop the popcorn a day ahead and let it get a little stale.

Be careful when picking up your garland. It will be more fragile than a storebought ornament.

We’re adults and had no issue with the occasional needle prick. However, this may not be the best activity for smaller children. It requires patience and honed fine motor skills. Depending on your child’s abilities, I might recommend it for youth 10 and up.


Part of my December Adventivities.

Day 205: Popcorn Chicken


Please, please tell me that you get this joke. I instantly saw the joke here but I had to explain it to other people.

Am I not funny or are other people hiding from the hilarity that surrounds us?

I have some popping corn kernals that went stale (yes, it is possible). And instead of throwing the whole joke out I have been popping it in batches and feeding it to our huge flock of chickens.

Hey, it is cheaper than buying feed right now.

Day Four: Hot Air Popper

pop, pOp, POP!

This evening’s entertainment in the farmhouse; a hot air popcorn popper. This is, IMHO, the only way to make popcorn. Light, fluffy and hot popcorn is made a thousand times better with the appropriate toppings.

My popcorn is topped with melted butter, salt and nutritional yeast. Note for the ignorant: Nutritional yeast is not brewer’s/baker’s active yeast (that you use in bread), this type of yeast tastes cheesy.

You can find nutritional yeast at health food stores. I highly recommend it on popcorn and you can make an awesome buttery sauce to pour over steamed asparagus.