Shamrock Update

My shamrock plant has gone to town in the growing department!
The only other trials Shammy has had is my cat. Isabella was enjoying chewing on Shammy’s leaves. I think he prefers his home further away from the cat.
I also repotted my plant and he looks dashing in a light green pot.

Remember when my plant just barely survived? From the Ashes.

Day 349: Shammy Plant Lives!


My shamrock plant has reclaimed vitality! I couldn’t believe it!
It died for whatever reason and my plant savvy friends told me to keep it in the sunshine and keep watering it. Low and behold, it returned.


I love that they close up at night!
It seemed wildly active. I turned it away from the sun and within three hours it turned like a rotating satellite towards the sun.

If it continues being awesome I will buy it a slightly bigger pot and maybe even paint it pretty colors :-)

Day 339: Forsythia


The forsythia is blooming. Or, I should say, the few branches that escaped the loppers are blooming. We had two huge bushes right beside the house and last year we cut them back.

Of course, forsythia is a butt. It’s back. I thought about throwing a cover on that part of the yard to kill it, but I bet we’ll be fighting it for quite a while to come.

Yes, the little yellow flowers are pretty but the rest of the summer and all through winter it looks like a scraggly unkempt monster bush. There are plenty of scraggly things on the farm already.

Other things are blooming now too…

Day 331: Coral Cactus


While wandering the many aisles of Lowe’s looking for wire shelving, I found some freaky cacti. For some reason this coral cactus threw me for a loop. I was so shocked by its shape that I questioned it rhetorically out loud.

The helpful Lowe’s employee wanted to engage in my wonderment. He didn’t seem genuinely impressed by this wild plant. Come on, people, when did this plant make the evolutionary jump to being wibbly shaped?

Maybe one day the cactus council got together and heard the young rebellious cacti in their plea. The young and restless wanted to become weird, memorable and badass.
True story.

Day 158: Sweetgum


Sweetgum is a very pleasant tree. I sat under this particular treatment for about an hour. I was in a people and nature watching mood. The squirrels were burying nuts from an oak tree and chasing each other away.

Sweetgum leaves havean awesome smell. So if you ever see the 5-7 point star leaves take a moment to crush one up and smell it. It has something to do with he tanins in he plant.

The gum or resin extracted from the bark of the tree was used as chewing gum for many years. (Sweetgum Uses, Wikipedia).

It has been used as medicines and teas over the years as well, but mostly it is used for its wood or landscaping purposes because it turns beautifully in the fall.

The more you nature.