Day 299: Not Easy Being Blue

Figured I would take a ready for bed picture. This was not long after I got my hair cut and I was really enjoying it tumbling on my shoulder.

Yes, those are a pair of Eeyore onesie pajamas that say ‘Not easy being blue’. They’re also fleecey. They are super warm so I always reserve them for really cold nights. I usually even out my temperature by sticking a foot out from under the covers.

Day Sixty-Two: A 2 Dog Night

warm toes in those PJs

With the pouring rain and the cold temperatures tonight I decided on the full body footed PJs.
These are my Christmas pajamas that I got from Kit last December. I got to wear them Christmas morning and they were wicked cool/warm. If you can’t tell, they have Eeyore on them. I gave him PJs for xmas too, but his were slightly less dorky. His are green checkered flannel pants.

I wish my snuggle bunny was at home. Then I wouldn’t have to wear my super warm PJs.
These pajamas are especially cool (besides design) because they have Eeyore on them. Definitely the coolest character on the Winnie the Pooh show/books/other media-crap. We have a burro that was rescued and the name he came home with was Eeyore. He never loses his tail, but he loves for his ear and forehead to be scratched. What a softie!

Snuggling into my covers now, goodnight!