Day 341: Pond


I had a had a half day with one of my girlfriends yesterday. We had a cocktail and lunch at a Mexican restaurant and she treated me to a pedicure with shellac on the toes (more on that later).

After running around town we came to the farm so she could practice the manual settings on her fancy camera. What we learned, nature is not very convenient.

Dragonflies and birds are a tease, turtles are too smart to surface near us, and goats are buck wild at best. Still, she got some great shots and she is learning her camera better and better.


Me and my android phone took wide pictures of the pond, photos of photographer and soaked as much sun and warmth in as possible.
I hope today is just as beautiful as yesterday.

Day 317: Gorgeous-Ugly


Okay, sorry for scaring you!
My friend posted a link on Facebook about gorgeous girls doing ugly faces.
I’m gorgeous.
And I am semi-famous in my circle of friends for making obnoxious faces in and ruining photos.
So why not me too?

I do not want to post it to submit it to a website that is followed by a gagillion people. I’m not ready for that kind of fame. Though I am totally ready to share with you guys.

At first I wanted to glam-up in my hot picture but I figured that would ruin the purity of the photo. Fine art. *eye roll*

Day 261: Tree Shots


The hilarious thing about all the dozens of tree pictures I took last month are that I have a half dozen pins about how to take great Xmas tree photographs. As you can see, I pinned them and completely forgot to read the tips.


I really had to capture this moment despite my cell phone not taking the best pictures. My cat curled up tight as a ball and some of our Christmas presents nestled under the tree.

Day 157: Black Walnut


One of my favorite ways to take photos of a tree is from the baby view. Laying down in the dappled shade and staring up at a monster tree over head.

I gotta admit that while laying down and enjoying this black walnut I had a few of them underneath me. Uncomfortable lumps.

My best tree photograph was taken in Costa Rica next to the alien blue sulpheric stream. It made the whole place seem dreamlike. Maybe I will share that if y’all are interested. I bet you can Google professional photographers versions as well.

Day 125: Laugh


This is a sample of some for sale art work at the fair.

The intriguing bit was they sold each picture letter individually. This was one such display idea.

I could take some pictures using this idea and create a picture frame of my last name or one that says Kentucky.

This type of art work really got my craft gears going.

Do any amateur photographers feel up to a challenge?

What would you use to spell your name or an inspirational word?