Day 356: Animal Pileup


They show their love for each other in weird, weird ways. At the end of a day where dogwood winter has set in the animals want to pile up like puppies.

Not only is Isabella hugging her brother’s butt, she is getting squashed by my legs wrapped up in blankets. She stayed like this for over 30 minutes. That is a fairly long time for our spazz of a cat.


Day 337: Treats for Tybs {Recipe revealed!!}


Checking on the dog treats baking away in the oven. This is a great recipe that I’ve been using for my dogs for about a year now.

They are fairly simple and all the ingredients are doggie safe. [I’m not a vet or pet nutritionist].

Doggie Treats (makes ~2 dozen)
1 cup wheat flour
1/3 cup cornmeal
1 TBSP oil
1/4 cup low sodium chicken/beef broth
1 egg
1/8 cup low or fat free milk

1 egg, beaten for egg wash
Oil for cookie sheet

Whisk together flour and cornmeal then add wet ingredients. Mix thoroughly.
Roll out into floured surface 1/4 inch thick and cut out shapes.
Grease cookie sheet and brush each cookie with egg wash.
Bake 350 for 20-30 minutes.
Allow to cool and freeze extra.

Day 334: Camo Cat


Had to share this picture because it was too cute. The background is a bed sized bean bag (yes, it’s awesome), and the kitty on top is a tortoiseshell cat named Ivy. The same one who acted as my movie watching companion a few weeks back.

It may not be a perfect match but she is blending fairly well. Maybe this breed of fat faced cats was meant to lurk in furniture and skulk beneath shadowed loveseats.

She nabbed my seat when I went to the bathroom and since it is a bean bag the weight tends to droop to the middle. There was lots of adjusting before I got my seat back and she was lying on top of me.
Oh, cats…

Day 307: Ivy-cat Love


While having a sleepover at my sister’s house we passed up sleeping in her room for sleeping in what I call “the sheik’s tent”.
During the holidays, a bed, lamps and bedside tables were set up in the basement. Blankets were hung from the ceiling to the floor and carpeting was put down in that section.

With a small area heater the little room stays quite cozy. We took a counter top TV downstairs and watched movies until 1:30a. Pretty wild for me, since I hit the hay around 9:30 or 10p.

The cat’s name is Ivy. She does not like being picked up or handled. Like most cats, Ivy does love on her own terms. She has recently gained substantial weight so laying on my chest made it difficult to breath.

My last words were, “more weight.”
Heh heh, theater jokes.

Day 298: Collie


A  sweet young border collie showed up on our farm the other day. He stayed the night on our welcome mat overnight but I guess finally went home when he got hungry.

He was intact and had only been taught a couple of commands. He made up for his ignorance with enthusiasm.

I called him ‘boy’ or ‘you-dog’ because I know he had a home. He was sporting a collar.

Kit had just been stalking about wanting another working dog for he farm. Kit likes Australian cattle dogs, but it was too conveniently timed not to laugh about.

Kit said we might get a working pup this fall so he can spend more time working with it. Exciting!

Day 283: Sleeping Handsomes

Tybalt really likes to cuddle. Typically by 9:30 he will jump on the bed and claim his spot. He keeps his spot at the top of the bed (head on pillow) until we come to bed. Although he loves to cuddle, he gets too warm, heaves a sigh and stumbles to the foot of the bed.

Kit may look posed, but in reality, he just ignored me and was trying to sleep as I snapped (no joke) 10-15 pictures.

Beagles are such photogenic dogs. They constantly exude cuteness.